Hillary Clinton Has No Doubts That Trump ‘Obstructed Justice’ in Mueller’s Investigation

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Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton believes President Donald Trump obstructed justice through attempts to “interfere” with special counsel Robert Mueller‘s investigation.

On the road in Las Vegas for a 13-city conversation series tour titled “An Evening with the Clintons” alongside her husband, former President Bill Clinton, Hillary shared her thoughts on Trump’s actions on Sunday.

“This president obstructed justice,” she definitively stated. “He tried to interfere with that investigation.”

Hillary also touched on Attorney General William Barr‘s attempts to sugarcoat the findings of the report, joining many Democratic lawmakers in voicing her concerns that the Department of Justice is unfit to accurately determine whether there was obstruction based off Barr’s impartial bias:

“I think that we saw very clearly when Barr testified that he has assumed the role of the president’s defense attorney, not the attorney general for the entire country, and I think that is incredibly dangerous. He said many things that I thought were untrue — legally untrue.”

The Clintons went on to discuss that fringe views, that often support Trump, are more easily surfaced now than ever through social media and partisan media, explaining that opinions are being increasingly misinterpreted as facts.

“If you’re getting your news primarily from channels that already agree with you, then you see the world differently than somebody who is getting his or her news from a channel that agrees with them already,” Hillary said. “And it’s really difficult to have a conversation when people are already in their little bubbles.”

Watch the event below:

LIVE: Bill and Hillary Clinton speak in Las Vegas

Bill and Hillary Clinton are holding an event at Park MGM in Las Vegas.

Posted by FOX5 Las Vegas on Sunday, May 5, 2019

The former secretary of state has been consistent with her definitive views that the president violated the law since the release of the redacted Mueller report, voicing in the past that Trump “would certainly have been indicted” if he wasn’t a sitting president.

“What we have seen over the last several years is truly deplorable,” she went on to say of Trump’s presidency in Las Vegas.

During another stop of their tour on Saturday in Los Angeles, Hillary firmly continued to iterate that “the Mueller report could not be clearer, the Russians interfered in our election and Trump obstructed justice.”

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Speaking of “obstruction”, Hillary: WHY wasn’t your lecherous husband put in prison after Special Counsel Ken Starr found ELEVEN felonies Slick Willie committed while POTUS #42? And WHY aren’t YOU in prison for your deliberate violations of 18 USC 793 – the Espionage Act – for mishandling classified material and for the rest of your criminal activities since being “First Lady” of Arkansas? Got an answer, “lady”?


HIllary, if you were smarter AND weren’t desperate to sell tickets to your failing tour you’d keep your head down whenever “obstruction” is mentioned.

I can only hope your turn is coming and soon.

Jack Curtis






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