Hillary Clinton Goes to An Ice Cream Parlor, Answers a Few Questions, and Twitter Explodes

Hillary Clinton was at an ice cream parlor in New Hampshire on Friday, and gave the pool reporters a unique opportunity: she allowed them to ask her a couple of questions.

She was asked about the size of Bernie Sander’s crowds, her connections to New Hampshire, having campaign organizers speak at events, and her relationships with volunteers. But there was no mention of her foundation, her emails and private server, and her changed position on same-sex marriage.

Two questions in particular were noted by the Twitterverse. It started when Clinton asked the reporters if they wanted some ice cream. Then this exchange occurred:

CNN reporter: “How about instead of some ice cream, a question?”

Clinton: “Awww….”

Photographer: “What is your favorite ice cream flavor?”

Clinton: “I like nearly everything.”

“Nearly everything”? The #HillaryIceCreamFlavors began trending on Twitter:

The 2016 hopeful may not have answered any hard questions during her ice cream stop, but she inspired the Twitterverse plenty.

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