Hillary Is Ruining This Poor Young Man’s Life…And It’s Hilarious

Hillary Clinton has been a presidential candidate for a little over a month now, and—as of this writing—it’s been 38,625.3 minutes (nearly 3 weeks) since she last addressed the press.

But Gabriel Gundacker, a writer from Chicago, has been unable to escape Hillary Clinton and her campaign.

She started by disregarding his new job.


Then utterly disrespected the time he sets aside for his music.


And when he tried to get away, she distracted Gabe from driving.


Even the shower wasn’t off limits to Hil.


And, if all those encroachments weren’t enough, Hillary moved on to Gabe’s friends, imposing herself on their vacations.


For the sake of the general public and their personal privacy, we hope that Hillary removes herself from the lives of these young Americans, and starts addressing the media.

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