Hirono Bashes Trump for Being Tough on Iran, Claims He’s ‘Acting Like He Is the Dictator He Wants to Be’

Senator Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) compared President Donald Trump to a dictator after he issued a tough warning to the leaders of Iran after they issued threats against the United States.

On Sunday, Iran launched rockets that landed less than a mile from the U.S. embassy in the Green Zone of Baghdad, Iraq. Although no Americans were injured, U.S. officials took it as a direct threat against the United States.

The rocket launches follow several weeks of escalating tensions between the U.S. and Iran. Recently, the U.S. military positioned an aircraft carrier with B-52 bombers near the country as a precautionary measure.

President Trump warned Iran that the U.S. would hold nothing back if threats continued to be made toward the American people. In a tweet sent Sunday, Trump warned that an attack on Americans could be the “end of Iran.”

Hirono didn’t support the president’s tough response to Iranian threats. In an interview on “New Day” on CNN Monday morning, the senator condemned Trump’s response to Iran and claimed the president was acting like the dictator “he wants to be.”

Watch Hirono’s comments:

“If the president thinks that he can resolve these problems with military might he’s so wrong. There is something [Former Defense] Secretary [James] Mattis said, you know, ‘we need a diplomatic resolution to all these conflicts.’ And so, this is the president once again thumping his chest and acting like he is the dictator that I think he wants to be.”

Host John Berman noted that Trump had a similarly harsh reaction of “fire and fury” to North Korea prior to his meeting with Kim Jong Un. At the time, many Americans were concerned with Trump’s words but U.S. relations with North Korea have since improved.

Hirono brushed off Trump’s behavior and claimed that was “before he fell in love” with Kim. She claimed Trump’s tough rhetoric had nothing to do with getting Kim to the table to start the negotiations that eventually led to the return of the remains of U.S. soldiers.

The senator claimed she has no faith in Trump’s ability to lead at home or abroad.

“It is really hard to rely upon pretty much in my view whatever the president says both domestically and in foreign policy,” said Hirono.


  1. Hirono is utterly out of touch with the world. Trump is our leader and protect us, that is what he
    Intends to do. We appreciate his concerns and so should she.

  2. Trump isn’t acting like a Dictator….But Crazy Mazie Hirono is acting like the fool she is.

  3. Why didn’t Hirono call out Iran for aiming s rocket at our embassy in Iraq? Is that really excusable to her and she’d rather call out to a Trump on his words? She is very mixed up! ?

    1. Punchy Hirono is the epitome of an idiot and a fools fool.

  4. Senator Hirono is both dishonest and incompetent.

  5. I love the fact that the Democrats are imploding. The outright hatred of President Trump’s has cause mass hysteria within their party. The absolute crap they spew is beyond anything I’ve witnessed In my lifetime. This has got to end.

  6. That was some of the most disgusting testimony I’ve ever seen. Its official. Mazie Hirono is an enemy of the United States

  7. All these know it all politicians, they are so quick to bash President Trump, I would love to hear what the hell they think should be done! If they think we should rollover and play dead, they are sadly mistaken. Trump does not want war but if Iran doesn’t stop their provoking ways, Trump will take em out, don’t push him Iran.

  8. I served and became a disabled vet to preserve this lady’s Right to compare our President to a dictator. But I have free speech too. And this lady is offending many brave Americans through the ages who’ve defended our freedoms and safety.

    Let her put on the uniform and have an enemy scoped long gun point at her. She might then sing a different tune.

  9. This woman lacks any type of education. Maybe calling her dumb is not accurate but calling her uneducated is totally descriptive. So I still prefer to say dumb and uneducated. How do people like her get elected? I do’t have a clue since I live in Ca. and look at what we elect. NOTE: not my choice.

  10. Where do they find these socialist people in Hawaii? We should take their statehood away from them and let them shift for themselves.

  11. Just another democratic moron that falls out of the democratic moron tree… smdh….

  12. I disliked you due to your nasty behavior at he Justice Kavanaugh hearings, After reading your remarks about our great president I dislike you even more. I know politics can get dirty, but the election is over, he won, work with not against him making America great.

  13. On 395 in ca heading south below lone pine I believe is a left over internment camp. Been there . Manzara I think its named. Nice place to reopen . I’d put her in there first

    1. Here’s a thought, Strap two sixty pound bags of cement to her and use a helicopter to fly her over the USS Arizona then push her out the door!

  14. Hirono is a Democrat and would have us paying Iran not to attack us, like Obama did. She’s a dolt.

    1. This loud mouth has so Much to say Against POTUS Trump, when she said Nothing against Obama, who attacked other nations, put America in Harm’s Way, and HE WAS the REAL DICTATOR. She went along with Obama for 8 long years, and he Failed the American People and this Republic. Now that we have a President who IS MAKING A DIFFERENCE FOR AMERICANS SHE LIKE OTHER CORRUPT DEMS IS ATTACKING HIM. TOO BAD, WE VOTED HIM INTO OFFICE, AND DEM HEADS ARE GOING TO START TO ROLL, WHEN THE “REAL DICTATOR-OBAMA, HILLARY, THE REAL RUSSIAN COLLUDER AND ALL THE REST OF THE OBAMA REGIME, ARE CHARGED FOR THEIR CRIMES. Hirono just STHU..

    2. True post as she said NOTHING when Obama was Dictator for 8 long years. He put America in jeopardy all over the world, but POTUS Trump is making a difference for America, and she’s mad?

  15. ‘Tojo’ Hirono needs a history lesson and a spacious cell in an Iraniac prison; or perhaps she can simply sacrifice herself in Mauna Loa to the goddess of ignorance.

  16. Mazie Hirono – The braintrust of the Democratic party. I have to say – I looooove the direction the Democrats are headed in for the elections. Hate, impeachment, collusion, more hate…….Trump is a shoe-in with these ass-clowns and their platform of of “we hate Trump”.

    Fun fact – I would have said “clowns” instead of ass-clowns but the Democratic has party has had the ass as their symbol since 1828 when Andrew Jackson adopted it. It seems only fitting to honor them with this nod to their historic roots of ass-dom.

    1. Isn’t it ironic that the ass was chosen? Historically recognized as a stubborn beast of burden, it would appear Andrew Jackson was declaring a prophesy that the Democratic party would forever be a burden on society. Whereas the Republicans have the elephant which is famously said to have a long memory. Let’s never forget the damage/burdens that the democrats have brought upon the the citizens the falsely claim to work for.

  17. Where do we find these clueless people. She has absolutely no idea what she is talking about.

  18. We always wanted to move to Hawaii, but they elected this POS. Not sure what kind of crazies live there..

    1. I do – and I didn’t vote for her. We aren’t all crazies.

  19. Come on people of Hawaii, you don’t need this idiot there for another term, vote this idiot out and make sure she goes with all the other crazy arseholes.

    1. Hawaii will always be a Democratic state. I’m very much in the minority- it ain’t easy! Tulsi Gabbard has her hat in the ring for President in 2020,

      1. Her hat in the ring, is as close as she’ll ever get!

  20. She is a dingbat, she is bitter that President Trump won a real American that loves the country. She needs to go back to Hawaii . Go pick pineapples and keep her stupid Traitor mouth shut!

  21. I have no faith in Senator Hirono’s ability to lead at home or abroad. She toes the partisan ugly line of her pathetic leaders. When it became unpopular to be found out as a member of the Communist Party of America, members joined the rank and file of the Democrat Party. Therein lies the reason for thuggery, lies, name-calling, voter-fraud, and violence coming from the Democrat Party liberals.

  22. This woman is not only brainless she is also spineless.

  23. She’s not only brainless she is also spineless

  24. Why do all Democrats stand up for Non-Americans ?

  25. So Hirono, has joined the anti American/Jewish and gone to the side of those who cry Destroy America. I sure wish she was in Iran or one of those awful countries for a week. See how long she lasted.

  26. Pity Hirono has no clue about any topic she spouts off about. Has to have many laws explained to her after she weighs in on them. Lady you are not very intelligent.

  27. What an embarrassment. Another Democrat that belongs in the loony bin. Great job, Hawaii.

    1. The ones that voted for her are the ones belonging in the looney bin.


  29. She is the poster child for “Why Democrats Shouldn’t Be In Charge Of Foreign Policy”.

  30. SHE is Plain Stupid but thinks she is something–What people vote a person in like this is beyond any comprehension –Sooner they replace her the BETTER !

  31. I feel so sorry for Hawaii, and having to put up with this fruitcake! The woman can’t be all there. Hopefully they wake up before her next term expires….

    1. She should take her own advise and go back to Hawaii and SHUT UP

  32. She is a first class idiot and thinks she is hot shit…go to hell Hirono.

  33. She is always a strong speaker as long as she doesn’t give the person she is talking about a chance to reply. That would not be good for her talking points.

  34. she looks part japanese, and we all know what happened when the u.s. waited too long to enter www2, japan launched their sneak attack on pearl harbour.

  35. But she said nothing about IRAN letting off a missile – nothing! She is a dingbat!

  36. This woman is a sour hate-spewing Dem that has done nothing but run her ignorant mouth since January. Can you say ENVIOUS?? Sdasu Grazie! Go on with ur bad self!

  37. Hawaiians Are Not Stupid People Does She Have A Green Card?

  38. And just what would you have done if you were president and Iran threatened the US?

  39. It is clear that all Democrat commies need to be eradicated.

    1. When it became unpopular to be found out as a member of the Communist Party of America, members joined the rank and file of the Democrat Party. Therein lies the reason for thuggery, lies, name-calling, voter-fraud, and violence coming from the Democrat Party liberals.

  40. It is clear that every Democrat needs to be eradicated.

  41. Someone needs to check Hirono’s IQ, and also see if she is sober or intoxicated. Every time I hear this woman speak, she sounds like she is drunk on stupidity. Someone needs to tell her to “shut up” like she told men during the Kavanaugh hearings. She is completely worthless, and not worth listening to.

  42. Hirohototal idiot forgets her heritage of imperial dictators and warlords of Japan, who practically destroyed our Navy……..she is pathetic and asinine

  43. Funny he has done everything he has promised while the Dems keep trying to find that secret unicorn to impeach Trump. Pathetic really.

  44. Aircraft carriers with B-52 bombers. I’ve got to see that!

  45. Every President has these types of positions. She will always put her own hate on everything he does. I have vowed to boycott the Hawaiian Islands until she leaves office. Hate is all she knows.

  46. Hirono is another example of left wing liberal thinking. She was in full support of giving that $150 billion to Iran and another $1.5 billion in cash during Obama’s Administration. Truth be told, she favors Iran over the country that feeds, clothes and houses her worthless butt!!!

  47. So … Barak Obama bumping out his chest against the world good. Trump doing it … bad. I’m beginning to think this idiot only likes people with a (D) after their name. She doesn’t sound too bright. Apparently, Hawaiian voters are as dumb as California voters and keep voting in these clowns.

  48. Damn, you can’t pussy foot with a country like Iran and you have to show them you mean business .

  49. Well, if Obama had done his job instead of kissing up, Iran would not be a problem today

  50. Hirono is an idiot. Clear and simple. Talk about her comments regarding all issues, idiotic, brings nothing to the table, other than pain in your lower torso.

  51. This woman drives me nuts! She says the most stupid and hateful things. Romney just voted against one of Trump’s judicial nominees bc the nominee had made a negative comment about Obama. Guess it’s okay for Hirono, and so many others, to insult the President and wish him bodily harm and worse. As usual, different rules for Trump opponents.

  52. This idiot is typical of Democrats. They feel Trump is never right but Obama, an illegally sitting President could do no wrong. The problem with Iran is because of what Obama did. The problem of mostly solving the North Korean problem was Trumps strong stance (and no, we haven’t fallen in love with the North Korean dictator). In this world of idiot American hating Democrats, a strong stance is what is needed to insure that countries like China don’t completely dominate the worlds technology industry with cheap, stolen knock offs of everything developed by Amercan ingenuity and sacrifice. To stop North Korea from threatening the world and destroying Hawaii and stopping Iran from using the money taken, illegally from the American people and given to Iran to further escalate their nuclear ambitions and their hate for Israel, by Obama. It wasn’t their money. If the United States froze money for illegal actions on the part of Iran, it was not to be returned and it was no were near the amount that was given to Iran by Obama.

  53. If you look in the dictionary the word IDIOT….her picture is there with the definition !!

  54. If this jackass doesn’t like the way that President Trump is doing things, why doesn’t she move her family and herself to any country that “IS” not the UNITED STATES!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Once again Hirono proves that she is just an idiot and does not kow what she is talking about most of the time.

    1. I don’t think she ever knows what she’s talking about! Goofier than a pet coon….couple months ago she was agreeing with Alexander Ocasio Cortez AOC, with no fossil fuels. How’d she think she’d get back and forth to the Senate….Hawaii by boat just to California coast is 4-5 days, then by train 3 more days!

  56. Hirono is acting like the leftist and obstructive “Moron” she is !

  57. Move over Patty Murray. Crazy Mazie has you beat hands down for Dumbest Member of the U.S. Senate!

  58. She is a moron and a clown. What an embarrassment.

  59. Hawaii could well be the first place they attack AGAIN! She better watch what she is saying as she could give the Iranians ideas!

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