Hobby Lobby Founder Does a 180 on Trump Over Concerns of Hillary Calling Shots On Supreme Court

One of the endorsements that Trump failed to get during the GOP primary was that of David Green, the CEO of Hobby Lobby.

In fact, a few days before Trump swept Super Tuesday in March, Green said of the potential Republican nominee, via Politico:

“Our family business that we began with $600, has quite possibly been more successful than Mr. Trump’s, but that doesn’t make either of us qualified to be president.

Green added that Trump “scares me to death.”

Then, he endorsed Florida Senator Marco Rubio’s presidential run.

After Rubio dropped out, however, Green didn’t say much about the presidential race. And he didn’t make any comments when Trump got the Republican presidential nomination, either.

Now, with election day only 67 days out, Green is talking politics again, and he’s endorsing Trump. He says he’s doing it because he doesn’t trust Hillary Clinton to choose judges who will preserve America’s religious liberty.

In an editorial for USA Today, Green wrote, in part:

“Make no mistake, the vacancy left by Justice Scalia and the subsequent appointment to fill his seat makes this presidential election one of the most significant in modern times. During a 2015 speech at the Women in the World Summit, Hillary Clinton declared that religious beliefs have to be changed.

What I fear she really means is that the beliefs of people of faith across our nation will be discounted, and those people will be forced to violate their conscience under her presidency — a philosophy that would be carried out by anyone she nominates for the Supreme Court.

Clinton has made no secret she believes government interests supersede the protection of religious liberty.

In contrast, Donald Trump has been steadfast in expressing his commitment to uphold the Constitution, and his list of possible Supreme Court nominees inspires confidence that there is hope in my future — and in my grandchildren’s future — for a country that will value those most fundamental rights.”

Like Trump, Green is a billionaire, and he built an empire with his Hobby Lobby business. The founder and CEO is a leader among social conservatives, an area where Trump struggles to gain support.

According to a Gallup poll, at 53%, the majority of Republicans are social conservatives. So having as big of a voice as Green behind him could give Trump an edge he’s been needing all along.

What do you think?

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