‘Witch Hunt Hoax 2.0’: Hogan Gidley Challenges Democrats to Show Any Evidence of a ‘Cover-Up’

A deputy press secretary to President Donald Trump torched the Democrats for their assertations that the president was engaged in a cover-up as the next version of the “witch hunt hoax,” challenging them to produce evidence to back up their claims.

Speaking with Fox News’ “Justice with Judge Jeanine” on Saturday, White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley came out swinging at the Democrats, hammering them for claims of collusion, “treason” and a “cover-up.”

He slammed the “cover-up” accusations as the “Russia collusion witch hunt hoax 2.0” and challenged Democrats to produce proof.

“This is an effort by the Democrats. It’s like the Russia collusion witch hunt hoax 2.0. First of all, they accuse the president of colluding with a foreign power, of treason, with no evidence, no proof. And now they’re coming out and saying he’s engaged in a cover-up with no evidence, no proof.”

“And not one journalist has said, ‘Hey, Madame Speaker, what is the evidence?'” Gidley added. “‘And also, if you have all this evidence, why do we have investigations? Just show us this evidence and let’s get this thing going.'”

Gidley continued on to say that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report into Russian election interference was an “open book” that “didn’t have to be made public,” but that Trump “wanted this information out there.”

Watch the video here:

He then lambasted Democrats for not going to view the nearly unredacted version of the report that is available to them.

“The piece that’s unredacted that the Democrats can go see, not one single Democrat has availed themselves of that opportunity,” the deputy press secretary said.

Gidley’s comments came the same week that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) accused the president of engaging in a cover-up as more of the House Democrats she leads ramp up impeachment calls.

As IJR Red noted, House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) blasted Pelosi’s “cover-up” claim as well as questioning the Republicans’ oath of office as “irresponsible.”

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  1. The Dumbocrats are so desperate their pants are on fire.

  2. Please stop stupid Dims. IF you had any proof or evidence you’d produce it.

    Collusion, impeachment, treason. Whatevs. Put up or shut up.

  3. This crap by the Democrats is nothing more than prestidigitation at it’s best, worthy of a marquee in Vegas really.

    1. NO! It’s delusion and distraction for their rabid base. (this does not change my opinion of the low IQs who vote for them).

      Vegas? Hardly. More like parties held for children (oops, did I type that out loud?) who were promised ponies, but got a hack instead.

      I suspect the Dims will start making balloon animals shortly.

    2. I love your comments Morte, truly; I had to break out the Funk & Wagnels on that one?

  4. Democracts are obstructing justice. They’re diverting attention away from the criminal activities of Hillary, Obama, the DNC and their minions within OUR government agencies. Democracts attempted to steal the Presidency from Trump, and I don’t doubt they were successful in stealing the 2012 from Romney.

    1. Have you read the Mueller report? If ANY other POTUS was cited with 10 instances of obstruction of justice AND over EIGHT HUNDRED R & D former federal prosecutors signed an open letter that THEY would have INDICTED an individual with the evidence laid out in the Mueller report, would YOU want Congress to ignore it? The Mueller report is part of history. Barr will not be able to mislead future generations as he apparently did you. Future generations will be looking at Trump without the benefit of acceptance of “alternative facts.”

      1. Yet Mueller didn’t recommend prosecution? Could all that obstruction written into the report have anything to do with the fact that almost if not all of those federal prosecutors were Hillary supporters with TDS??

    2. HOW did Democrats attempt to steal the presidency from Trump? Did they make him fire Comey? Did they force Rosenstein, a Trump nominated & R controlled Senate confirmed Deputy AG, to appoint a Special Counsel? When Mueller was appointed by Rosenstein, did R’s in Congress praise the selection or demand the appointment be revoked? Did Democrats send the Trump campaign staff to 140 contacts with Russians? Did Democrats come up with the wacky idea of having Trump send Lewandowsky, a private citizen, to tell Sessions to unrecuse himself and have the AG limit the Mueller investigation to “crimes in future elections”?? Did Democrats force Trump to claim to believe Putin did not interfere in the 2016 election? WHAT is it that the Dems did to force Trump to repeatedly lie to the American public? WHAT are you seeing that the majority of the country is missing?

      1. WHY didn’t Mueller investigate Hillary, Barry and the DNC INSTEAD of wasting time and money on a GOP nothingburger? It’s a known FACT Hillary gave $116,000 and Barry gave $972,000 (from his “Obama for America” campaign) to be funneled down to try and dig up dirt on Trump in a (failed) attempt to discredit him in the eyes of those with even minimal cognitive functioning ; and thus, to defeat him in the 2016 election so YOUR radicalized, mentally, socially and physically unfit “Queen” could take her rightful, entitled place on her throne in the Oval Office to carry on Barry’s third, abysmal term.

        As much as you Leftists argue without any facts, throw temper tantrums on the floor and cry in your pablum, the FACTS did come at the conclusion of the November 2016 election:

        Trump WON, Clinton LOST.

        The decision was final. Mueller investigated at YOUR infantile demands and found NOTHING. IT is over. Get over it, grow up and move on. So far, YOUR House members have done NOTHING to earn their salaries and appears they have no idea why they were elected (HINT: to work for America and Americans). Pitiful excuses for “representatives” via political theater antics lacking any intelligence or basic common sense.

        America’s voters need to take note of this disgraceful. historic episode and vote STRAIGHT Republican in the 2020 election to unseat ALL the Leftist Swamp Rats. There is not ONE 2020 dimwit candidate fit to serve in the WH; excepting maybe as part of the janitorial service, if qualified.

        1. Have you NEVER read Order 3915-2017? WHERE in Rod Rosenstein’s mandate to the Special Counsel would you find a directive to investigate “Hillary, Barry and the DNC INSTEAD”? ALL legal matters Mueller found that were NOT under the Special Counsel mandate were referred to US Attorney’s in VA, SDNY and DC.

      2. Who bought and paid for the fake dossier concocted by Christopher Steele? Who sent FBI agents to try to trap Trump campaign people by giving them made up Russian information? Who weaponized the DOJ and FBI to spy on the Trump Presidential Campaign? Who has been fanning the flames about Russian Collusion for two and a half years? Who read the Mueller report and won’t accept the outcome of no collusion found? Could that possibly be attributed to the Dems (formerly in the White House & DOJ, and now in the House of Representatives?

        1. What was “fake” in the dossier? What was proven by Mueller to be true? You appear to have never actually read the dossier OR the report. HOW can you claim you read it if you CLAIM no collusion was found. IF you read it you would know that Trump was cleared of CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY WITH THE RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT–not collusion.

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