Hollywood Comedian Slaps His Driver After Learning He Voted For Trump. Then Justice Comes Hammering

T.J. Miller made a name for himself starring as a startup company mogul on HBO’s hit show “Silicon Valley.”

But now he’s getting some unplanned attention for something else – his temper.

The entertainer has long been an outspoken critic of President-elect Trump.

But he took his disdain for the president-elect to new levels on Friday, according to Yahoo! News.

Miller was arrested on a battery charge at roughly 1 a.m. Friday, after assaulting his Uber driver.

The altercation occurred after Miller left the GQ Man of the Year party and called an Uber to head home, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

The driver was allegedly a supporter of President-elect Trump, which Miller didn’t like.

When the driver pulled up to Miller’s place of residence, they got into a physical and verbal argument.

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#mrmucus #mucinex #representingthekingofkings

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The driver claims that Miller then hit him in the back of the head, reports TMZ.

He put Miller under citizen’s arrest until police arrived and took him into custody.

The driver didn’t have any visible injuries, and Miller was released shortly after without bail.

The arrest caused a stir on social media. Many took to Facebook to point out why they felt Miller’s actions were so harmful.

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Am i the messiah the millennials need…???

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One user pointed out that assaulting someone over political preference is never okay:

“So this is what America is getting to. That is flat out embarrassing. We are going to start physically attacking others because they have different views. Pathetic.”

It was a sentiment that seemed to resonate with many users:

“Want to debate, fine, but don’t lay your hands on another person, sue him for assault, these, so called, celebrities think they can do whatever they want and treat people like they are beneath them…”

Many also sympathized with the Uber driver:

“Man, why do these people abuse uber drivers? Their just trying to earn a buck.”

Miller is slated to host the Critics’ Choice Awards on Sunday.

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