Hollywood Producer Called Trump a Nazi — Now, He Wants Boycott Against Tucker for Creating Division

Update [12/17/18, 3:36 p.m. ET]:

Fox News provided IJR with the following response:

“It is a shame that left wing advocacy groups, under the guise of being supposed ‘media watchdogs’ weaponize social media against companies in an effort to stifle free speech. We continue to stand by and work with our advertisers through these unfortunate and unnecessary distractions.”

Original story below:

Over the weekend, Hollywood producer Judd Apatow had a scathing criticism of Fox News host Tucker Carlson who, according to Apatow, should lose advertisers because of his allegedly hateful rhetoric.

Apatow specifically targeted Pfizer and Subaru for supporting Carlson and retweeted a long list of other advertisers for Carlson’s show.


Apatow’s call came just after Carlson’s wife experienced harassment outside of their home in Washington, D.C.

He also attacked Fox News host Laura Ingraham, calling her and Carlson “toxic people.”

Apatow, as IJR has previously noted, has vehemently criticized President Donald Trump and made an inflammatory statement of his own.

Amid the migrant family crisis earlier this year, Apatow declared that Trump was a “Nazi” and that there was no point in debating it.

After Apatow’s tweet from the weekend, some criticized his request:

Breitbart editor Joel Pollak suggested that Apatow was hypocritical in that he wanted to shut down free speech.

“Why do people like , who I know embraces free speech, decide it is ok to shut people down with whom they disagree? Do they lack faith in their own arguments?” Pollak asked.

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Jessica Lee

Judd Aptow is calling Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham racists and Nazis? I didn’t see anyone on CNN, MSNBC, or Aptow himself talking about the Chicago murder rate and the violence there. Ingraham did a special report on it – I didn’t hear one word that was racist. Tucker is probably the most balanced commentator on cable. He gives the other side plenty of time and sometimes agrees with them. Judd Aptow doesn’t know the difference between immigrant and illegal immigrant.


Newsflash to moron Apatow: if Trump were truly a National Socialist dictator Hollywood would be making movies glorifying him: you and your ilk (the idiot Lefties) would be in work camps, dead, or reprocessed for nutrients (great savings for the SNAP program); and CNN/MSNBC/NYT/WaPo would be shut down or turned to his purposes.

Your ignorance of actual history is only surpassed by how smart your ego thinks you are.


It’s no surprise he spouts divisive messages. That’s Hollywood’s second-most important industry after “messaging” and hating on the President.

It is truly a shame that Hollywood, like ESPN and the NFL, is now doing politics and not it’s actual job of providing entertainment. It shows in the CRaP (cannot realize a profit) it churns out.


Apatow is a schlubby nebbish with poor personal grooming who’s managed to nab an *ahem* moderately hot wife because he had “producer” attached to his name. (no opportunism there).

His movies are juvenile, enabling men-children and neurotic women, and promoting the message that even damaged goods win in the end. Perhaps he’s channeling an autobiography though them.

Judy Smith

That man–Apatow–needs psychiatric help–and he needs it quickly BEFORE he hurts himself. He’s a dangerous person all way around (not just politically).


What does it say about someone who watches a Judd Apatow movie? His films are juvenile, un-redeeming, and not worth the time.

He divides the country with movies that trivialize marriage, sex, and arrested adolescence. Worst of all he produced “Girls”, that self-indulgent series about self-indulgent, whiny, white girls starring that homely, self-indulgent, whiny, white girl Lena Dunham (thank goodness she can’t reproduce)


Does anybody really think that this apatow character could look somebody with a fully functioning brain in the eyes and explain how calling The President of The United States a nazi ISN’T divisive, but other people need to be shutdown because they have an opposing point of view? The left’s hypocrisy is so GLARING that it is blinding themselves.


Lefties are so hateful. This listing of advertisers is unfair. Tucker has his point of view and this Apatow has his. Just do what I do: don’t read opposing points of view! J

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