Hollywood Star Explains Why Taking Role in New Biblical Movie Was a No-Brainer

Hollywood star Lindsay Wagner, best known for her role in “The Bionic Woman,” said playing in a new biblical movie was a no-brainer.

Wagner is portraying Zealphonis in Pure Flix’s new Christian drama “Samson.” In an interview with Fox News, the actress said it was an immediate “yes” when she was asked to take on the role.

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The “Samson” star said she grew up in a Christian home and relied on her minister in 1968 when she had to learn to cope with a major health battle:

“I had ulcers when I was a kid. By the time I was 19, it was very bad. The doctors at UCLA wanted to operate. They have other ways of treating it these days, but they didn’t back then. And my gallbladder was a mess. My minister … was very much into mind, body, and spirit connection.

He had a good friend who was a doctor. … He also thought the same way. They actually told me they can help me avoid this surgery. … They started teaching me about meditations … and visualizations to see my stomach fully healed and ask God for healing and to bring and manifest this vision I’m seeing in my stomach, as opposed to focusing on what’s wrong with it now.”

As an adult, though, Wagner has blended Christian doctrine with other religious practices, like meditation. She said she “never felt like I had to give up my relationship with Christ” as a result.

“I feel like my faith was enhanced by those experiences,” Wagner explained. “And I’ve been doing it my whole life.”

Many mainstream Christian thinkers and leaders, it should be noted, take issue with blending the Christian tradition with other Eastern philosophies.

Regardless, Wagner said she’s “blessed” to be playing a role in Pure Flix’s new faith-based movie.

“I have really wonderful children and they’re doing fine,” she told Fox News. “And to me, I think this story of ‘Samson’ is a journey we all go through, regardless of what our faith is.”

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