Homan Calls out Castro for Balking the Deportation of Hundreds: ‘If You Don’t Like It, Change It’

Former immigration official Tom Homan called out Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-Texas) after he claimed recent deportations were designed to “strike fear” rather than enforce the law.

Castro —who has been in hot water for publishing the names and businesses of his constituents who donated to President Donald Trump — reiterated his disdain for the president’s policies by condemning the recent mass deportations that took place in Mississippi.

Nearly 700 illegal immigrants were arrested following raids of several food processing plants in Mississippi, making it one of the largest single-state immigration raids in U.S. history.

In response to the arrests, Castro said:

“Let’s be clear: ICE [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] raids of this scale are not conducted for the purposed of immigration enforcement. They’re to strike fear in our communities in a time when Latinos are already living in terror.”

During an interview on Fox New’s “America’s Newsroom,” Homan, who was the former acting director of ICE, called out Castro for condemning the enforcement of laws when he is a member of Congress.

Watch Homan’s comments below:

“[Castro] is wrong. He is so wrong. This is about enforcing immigration law. This is about laws that Congress enacted. I think Congress is in the habit of creating laws, enacting laws that they didn’t want to enforce. As a lawmaker, he needs to do one thing: He needs to go back and read the very statutes that Congress wrote about illegal immigration and harboring illegal immigrants. He’s a lawmaker. If you don’t like it, change it, but don’t vilify the men and women who strap a gun to their hip every day to do the job that Congress expects them to do.”

Homan told Castro that he “can’t have it both ways” with law enforcement.

“Either we enforce the laws or we don’t,” said Homan. “To not enforce the law means open borders and this country does not want open borders.”

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“to strike fear in our communities in a time when Latinos are already living in terror.” Not exactly, should read ILLEGAL Latinos “live in terror”. News flash: criminals ALL live in fear of being caught. Looking over their shoulder, etc. Naturalized Latino citizens, you know, the ones who did it the legal way – they don’t live in fear. You are being divisive and fear-mongering. But then again, it’s all the Dems have, where to get more gullible votes.

william jackson

Castro: Go back to Havana


Durn! Chico Castro IS a legislator, but one might say that working on getting things passed is harder than doxing or getting attention. Too bad your greasy, Socialist, bastard twin is also not getting traction in the primaries.





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