Fmr ICE Director Calls on Schumer to ‘Name One Thing’ He’s Done to Address ‘Inhumane’ Border Conditions

Former Acting Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Tom Homan slammed Senator Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) for criticizing the conditions at the border.

The Senate minority leader claimed the conditions at the border detention centers were “inhumane.” Schumer blamed the Executive Branch — including President Donald Trump and the heads of immigration enforcement agencies like ICE — for the “awful” conditions at the border.

“They’re treating them all like criminals,” Schumer told reporters. “And if you listened to the president you’d think they were all criminals. They’re not. They’re people simply seeking some … honor, decency for their children.”

According to Homan, however, ICE and Border Patrol Agents are just enforcing the laws Congress passed and refused to change. He called out Schumer for condemning the situation at the border when Congress is in the position to change the laws that ICE enforces.

Homan explained his frustration during an interview on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom.”

Watch Homan’s comments:

“It’s Congress fault. I mean, name one thing that Chuck Schumer has done to solve this crisis or address this crisis, other than vilifying the men and women of the Border Patrol. The head of the Border Patrol and the secretary has asked for months for more money. They gave them a warning that it’s beyond the breaking point. […] Now, Chuck Schumer, let’s remember, he said this is a manufactured crisis. He said that numerous times. So he has ignored this crisis right to the very end. Again, he went down there. He vilified the men and women of Border Patrol, but what ideas did he come to the table with?”

As IJR previously reported, the percentage of Democrats who believe the situation at the border is a legitimate crisis tripled from 23% believing the crisis in January to 75% believing today.

While Congress did approve an emergency humanitarian aid package for the border, little has been done to address the asylum process itself. It remains unclear if immigration will be an issue Congress decides to tackle before the 2020 elections.

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john crawford
john crawford

Congressional Democrats are nothing but grandstanding liars. They care NOTHING about these people’s welfare. All they care about is keeping this crisis going for political purposes to help them win elections. They are the truly despicable people in all of this, because it is THEIR job to fix this and secure our borders, and they will never do that.

Patti Harrison

Crying Chuck Schumer should really think about doing something substantial, like WORKING for a change!

Phyllis Softa

The D’s have asked Trump to restore the aid to Central America that he stopped via executive order in April, 2019. It was passed by the House in May, 2019. Was Homan suggesting Schumer hold McConnell hostage until he puts it on the Senate floor for a vote? The Minority leader does not make the decisions as to what the Senate will vote on.

MariaRose Randazzo

The only thing Schumer has done has become the Senate’s minority leader and the position (power) got to his head, especially joining himself to the hip to Nancy Pelosi. He totally forgot his statements from prior years condemning the large groups of people entering the USA illegally but all of a sudden, he has become so liberal-minded.


Democrats are Quick to point fingers, and slow too accept the Blame for cards laid.

Steve Zinck

“Democrats who believe the situation at the border is a legitimate crisis tripled from 23% believing the crisis in January to 75% believing today.” Their masters(MSM) told them to change their minds

william jackson

What has Schmucky Schumer ever accomplished???—–he is a waste of good oxygen.


Schemer hasn’t done anything positive in so long even he cannot remember it.





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