Horse Had Mangled Hooves After Years of Abuse. But See How He Looks After His Rescue…

Last year the Days End Farm Horse Rescue team made a shocking discovery at a Washington County, Maryland, farm.

Three horses had been locked up in a barn for over a decade. All three animals were suffering from horrifying medical issues.

One miniature mare had to be euthanized because her legs were so badly damaged from years of neglect. An 18-year-old stallion named Quest survived, but had horrible three-foot-long hooves, as well as other injuries.

Here’s how he looked when he was found:

Check out our latest press release on the Washington County severe hoof neglect case that arrived to DEFHR today:…

Posted by Days End Farm Horse Rescue on Friday, August 21, 2015

The image below shows just how difficult and painful it was for Quest to move. Even moderately overgrown hooves can cause tendon damage and knee damage, and if a hoof cracks and splits, the horse will likely end up lame:

Image Credit: Screenshot/Days End Farm Horse Rescue/Facebook
Image Credit: Screenshot/Days End Farm Horse Rescue/Facebook

According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, horses should have their hooves trimmed every three to four weeks, making Quest’s 15 years of neglect all the more horrifying.

But there’s good news.

After nearly a year of rehabilitation and treatment, Quest has made a miraculous recovery.

First, and most importantly, the rescue group removed Quest’s excess hooves:

Posted by Days End Farm Horse Rescue on Monday, August 24, 2015

Then they began his rehabilitation. Nowadays, Quest gallops, jumps, and lives relatively pain-free after years of mistreatment.

Here he is jumping—quite a feat for an older horse:

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 3.19.20 PM

His long road is not quite over just yet, as he still has some training and recovery ahead of him, but eventually he will be put up for adoption.

Watch the video below to see the difference:

Neglected horse with 3-foot-hooves leaps into new life

Remember, Quest? The neglected horse with 3-foot-long hooves? The horse that couldn't walk now takes freedom literally and leaps into his new life. Continue to follow his journey and share his inspiring story! #3foothooves #DEFHR #4thehorses

Posted by Days End Farm Horse Rescue on Friday, July 1, 2016

The good news doesn’t end there. The third rescued horse, Rio, is also recovering well.

Not long ago, Days End Farm shared a picture of Rio looking filled out and content:

For those wondering about Rio after our Quest post yesterday, here he is! When he arrived to us, Rio was a lethargic,…

Posted by Days End Farm Horse Rescue on Tuesday, May 31, 2016

As for the owners? According to a comment from Days End Farm, they were charged with animal cruelty and plead guilty. But the sentence seems light:

“Charges were pressed against both owners. They plead guilty and were sentenced to three years of probation, with the Humane Society having the right to visit their property unannounced at any time.”

Animal cruelty was upgraded to a felony in January of 2016, according to the FBI.