House Democrat Says Current Congress May Not See Trump Taxes

U.S. President Donald Trump speaks at the National Association of Realtors' Legislative Meetings & Trade Expo in Washington, U.S., May 17, 2019. REUTERS/Carlos Barria
Carlos Barria/Reuters

A senior Democrat on a congressional panel seeking President Donald Trump’s tax returns warned on Saturday that the current Congress may not see the long-sought tax documents without launching an impeachment inquiry.

Representative Lloyd Doggett, who sits on the House Ways and Means Committee, said Democrats, who control the House of Representatives, were slow to request Trump’s tax returns from the Internal Revenue Service and now need to push back forcefully against Trump’s refusal to turn over the returns.

“Because this request was delayed until April and no legal action has yet been filed to get the returns, it is certain we won’t get them this year and perhaps (will face) some challenge to even get them with favorable expedited rulings by the time this Congress ends,” Doggett, who chairs the House Ways and Means health subcommittee, told CNN.

“That and the total obstruction by Trump have convinced me that we need to institute an impeachment inquiry,” the Texas Democrat said. “I just think we need a thorough investigation and a strong pushback immediately to a president who believes he’s above the law.”

The current Congress is due to end in January 2021.

House Ways and Means Chairman Richard Neal requested six years of Trump’s individual and business tax returns on April 3, under a federal law that says the Treasury secretary “shall furnish” such documents if requested by a lawmaker who holds in Neal’s position. He later subpoenaed the returns.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin rejected the subpoena. On Friday, the Justice Department issued a legal opinion saying the secretary was on solid ground for doing so.

Neal has said he is likely to sue in federal court to enforce the subpoena and obtain the returns. But he has taken no such action.

Democrats want Trump’s returns as part of their inquiry into possible conflicts of interest posed by his continued ownership of extensive business interests, even as he serves as president.

Trump has broken with a decades-old precedent among recent U.S. presidents by refusing to release his tax returns while a presidential candidate in 2016 or since being elected, saying he could not do so while his taxes were being audited.

Numerous tax experts have said an audit should not be an obstacle to disclosing his returns.

(Reporting by David Morgan; Editing by Steve Orlofsky)

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Patriot 1
Patriot 1

As a private citizen before becoming President, it’s Nobody’s Business. I believe All Elected & Appointed Officials should be required to show their tax returns. More Importantly ….. No More “Blind Trusts”…… That’s what they currently hide behind. This states they Don’t Know what their Investments are, only their Accountants know. That’s BS! Open Portfolios for All Senators, Representatives, & any Elected or Appointed Official! Then when they Jump on a Stock before a vote, We get the same Opportunity! Follow the Money Trail! Then we’ll see how Officials making $100,000-$220,000 per year end up $$$ Multi-Millionaires $$$ in a… Read more »

Jess Sain
Jess Sain

I’d like to see every member of the house provide 6 years of tax returns. Then try them for treason and sedition to serve out the rest of their worthless lives in prison.


So “they” want his taxes before he was President? That falls into the none ya business category. I voted for him and didn’t care one wit about his taxes. And still don’t. There is no doubt that if there was some minutiae “they” could hang their hats on it would have leaked by now.


The so called ” Tax Experts ” are failing to realize by turning over any tax returns while undergoing a audit, would just open doors for further scrutiny and questions that would then impact his duties as the POTUS,as he would have to take away from his real duties to answer any questions that everyone knows the liberals would start asking, even if the answers were right in front of their faces. It’s just another ploy by the Soros lead groups to cause more hardship for the United States in their quest for a one world government. But wait wasn’t… Read more »

Karin Callaway

I am so sick of the Dems disenfranchising all of us who voted for Trump. Electoral College changed, 2nd amendment up for grabs, 1st amendment only good for Dems Socialists, And radical congress members and fake news. Conservatives be good little puppies and follow us or else. We are continually being threatened by Congress, Fake news, democrats (they are not democratic), and our own state run governments. If they continue with the Tax Papers, then We Should DEMAND (like they do) that each and every congress member, everyone hired by any of them, all department leaders in the entire government… Read more »


Democrats are the ones that believe they’re above the law. There is no requirement for a President to turn over tax records. Democrats are merely on a fishing expedition. Investigations are supposed to be done after a crime has been committed, not done to see if they can find an excuse for a crime. Democrats are pulling out all their dirty tricks to effect a coup, which they began before Trump was even elected. Democrats are the ones guilty of obstruction since they started forming their ‘secret society’ within the Justice Dept. Using a fake dossier, paid for by Clinton,… Read more »

Scott Feichtinger
Scott Feichtinger

I think we should ask for the tax returns of every single member of Congress and we should scrutinize all of their financials for possible insider trading and co fiction of interest dealings. All of these guys go into Congress with a few bucks and come out multi millionaires. You will. Ever convince me that they aren’t as corrupt as you could possibly be.

Roy Koch

The Dem. Party wants a hostile take-0ver of the U.S.A. They are all Closet Commies and need to be Reckoned with!





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