House Democrats Aim to Pass Aid Package Addressing Migrant Surge

The U.S. House of Representatives on Tuesday is set to pass an aid package aimed at addressing the migrant surge along the U.S.-Mexico border, House Democrats said, citing an urgency to act following reports of poor conditions, particularly for young children, at overcrowded facilities along the U.S. border.

“This week we have to solve the humanitarian crisis,” House Democratic Caucus Chairman Hakeem Jeffries told reporters, adding that the funding package would pass the House with a “strong Democratic vote.”

Republican U.S. President Donald Trump, despite having requested the aid, on Monday night threatened to veto the House bill, saying the provisions added by Democrats – who control the chamber – would make the country “less safe.”

Democratic leaders said they would add language to improve health standards for adults and children in the custody of U.S. border patrol agents, including standards for medical care and nutrition after more liberal members expressed alarm over the conditions at the U.S.-Mexico border.

The bill’s language would also set a three-month limit for any unaccompanied child migrant to spend at an intake shelter unless notice is given.

(Reporting by Susan Cornwell; Writing by Susan Heavey; Editing by Chizu Nomiyama and Bill Berkrot)


  1. Great! We give illegal entrants aid while ignoring thousands of our own citizens who live in conditions worse than any third world nation and are literally dying on our streets. What is wrong with this false compassion that resides in the liberal mind? These illegal children are treated better than we treat our own.

  2. “This week we have to solve the humanitarian crisis,” No, that’s total BS. That’s putting a bandaid on the problem. Stop the surges from coming across the border and we won’t have these humanitarian crises to deal with in the first place.

  3. So tired of liberals playing the children card. Their parents knew what would happen once they began their journey. The cartels did not care. Only about the money they make. They have become political pawns. Fact check believes that these caravans are not funded by Soros. But what an interesting premise.

    1. If they were truly worried about children? They’d be taking care of the 2.2 million American children, who go to bed hungry.

    2. Don’t believe everything Fact Check says. I’ve found them to be wrong in the past.

  4. The dems are about 10 years to late, when Obama and Obiden and the dems in Congress starting encouraging illegals and their best friend starting funding them….

    1. ….sorry….. best friend being Soros of course…..trying his best to make us a third world country… Nancy has with San Francisco aka Feces City….

    2. It’s been proven that George Soros and his Open Society Foundation is behind the caravans with money and support. We also know Bozo O’Rourke’s campaign staff has been using campaign donations to feed and transport Illegal Aliens to different hiding (from ICE) places around El Paso, TX.

  5. Hold on now. You progressives/democrats/communists said for months that this was a manufactured crisis! You even refused our Presidents offer to provide safe harbor to twelve million illegal aliens, in addition to the dreamers. Now, you are finally willing to cooperate, after children have died because of your lack of action. And, I’m absolutely sure that you bozos will claim credit for “rescuing these poor kids” after all these months of stonewalling. The deaths of those children is on your souls, you should all burn in hell for your selfish and evil lust for power that has allowed these children to suffer

    1. WHAT is “progressive” about the DemocRAT/Socialist Party? They’ve been the quintessential obstructionists since Trump was elected; e.g., “regressives”.

    2. Their bill stipulates that NO money can be used to add more bed space. They want them all released into our country as soon as possible.

  6. Clean the swamp!!!! I’m retired after 40+ years on the job. I pay for my benefits as well as my prescriptions. Where’s my free stuff !!!!!!!

    1. You aren’t their new dependent class, so you get nothing.

  7. Democrats must think Hillary won and they can send whatever they want to the President and it will be signed. They will gum up the works then blame the President for it not passing. If they had done their job there wouldn’t be a crisis sat the border.

  8. Congress created this crisis and continue to grow it, it’s time to stop voting for these power mongers, especially the dem cartel, we are all going to end up in poverty if we don’t them.

  9. As usual, Democrats are all too eager to spend OUR money. “Humanitarian Crisis” lol ‘Invasion’ is a another way to put it…

  10. Isn’t it nice that the Dumbocrats are such wonderful ‘helpers’ when it does not involve American citizens?

  11. We have too many citizens that require food, clothing, medical and shelter to live better, why are we giving all of this attention to people that are not citizens of our country? It isn’t the responsibility of us tax payers to support the world, we could do better if our elected representatives didn’t get us trillions of dollars in debt.

    1. Let them earn their keep doing those jobs “Americans won’t do” like picking crops. Oh wait there ARE Americans willing to do that. q.v. the UFCW

  12. They are just trying to buy votes. I do not pay taxes to house and feed invaders.

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