House Democrats Probe Justice Department’s Handling of Police Shootings

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The Democratic-led U.S. House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday unveiled a probe of the Trump administration’s moves to curtail the federal government’s role in scrutinizing police shootings.

In a letter to Attorney General William Barr, Chairman Jerrold Nadler and other committee Democrats requested documents and updates on how the Justice Department has addressed shootings and other cases of excessive police force since President Donald Trump took office in early 2017.

The lawmakers cited statistics, including media reports, that show nearly 1,000 people were shot and killed by police in 2018 and that at least 265 others have met with the same fate this year. The numbers include cases of unarmed shooting victims that have drawn international criticism.

“Despite continuing concerns from civil rights and community-based organizations, the department has sharply curtailed its statutory role in identifying and eradicating civil rights abuses by law enforcement,” the lawmakers’ letter said. Justice Department officials were not immediately available to comment.

Among the documents sought by the Democratic lawmakers are memos written by former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who implemented policies that critics say sharply curtailed the ability of Justice Department civil rights attorneys to rein in unconstitutional policing.

The lawmakers gave Barr until June 5 to comply with their request.

(Reporting by David Morgan; Editing by Cynthia Osterman)

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It seems that it is the jurisdiction of the state or local police to investigate police shootings in their state. Most states have a statewide law enforcement support agency with the primary purpose of providing local police with high tech forensic analysis. My local police call on them to investigate any time a police officer discharges their firearm. It may be that all police departments in the state follow the same procedure.


To set the record straight, from WAPO: 2017: 986 people killed by police. 2015: 994 people killed by police. 2016: 962 people killed by police. 2018: 998 people killed by police. More data: In 2016 CA had the most people killed by police at 138, nearly 2x any other state. Almost all were male, 922. The majority were white, 465. More than blacks and Hispanics combined, 234 and 160 respectively. The majority were 30 to 44 years old, only 16 were under 18 years old. The vast majority, 720, had no known mental illness. Over half of the people shot… Read more »


How many police officers have been killed in the line of duty recently for simply pulling over a car for an expired tag, lack of a taillight or responding to a domestic violence scene?
Sure cops err once in a while, but don’t the jerks in Washington realize that pride, intergrity and guts keep this nation as safe as possible? Putting cuffs on the cops is just brilliant. The Dumbocrats are ruinous rats.
I’d like to see Nadler on the streets ‘protecting’ the public rather than screwing us.


Now will Nadler hold the POTUS personally responsible for the actions of the Nation’s police departments? Note Nadler specifies police shootings ONLY since 2017; NOT a single shooting during #44’s eight year reign. Has Nadler skipped to look at #43 or #41 yet?

Oh, that’s right. Marxist #44 was masquerading as a DemocRAT not a Republican with the hated name of Trump.

IF it were a President Hillary, this subject wouldn’t even be considered as important to Nadler and his comrades.

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