After FBI Drops Charges, House Intel to Discuss Possibility of Another Hillary Clinton Hearing

The House Committee on Intelligence will discuss the possibility of congressional hearings to further expand on Hillary Clinton’s email practices while Secretary of State, according to one of the committee’s members.

In an interview with Independent Journal Review, Rep. Chris Stewart (R-Utah) said the prospect of Congressional hearings is still undetermined, but he is sure that it will be discussed when the members next meet:

“I’m sure there will be other members who are gonna say ‘you know we’d like to understand this better than we do’ — and really all I can say is [inaudible] members like myself who wanna understand this better and I think we’ll see what the next step is.”

Concerning the unknown number of emails that were never recovered, which FBI Director James Comey insisted “were purged from the system when devices were changed,” Stewart said that is a topic members of the intelligence committee would like to understand further.

Citing that the FBI and investigators know she’s deleted “tens of thousands” of emails, Stewart said:

“We know that we’ve been able to find a handful of those because they’ve come from either originated or were sent to other parties — we’ve been able to identify a few of those.”

In regard to the “hostile actors” that Comey said could have potentially breached Clinton’s servers, Stewart cautioned that it is unknown whether the Democratic presumptive nominee’s server was hacked.

But he listed many of the regular suspects to which the FBI director could have been referring.

Including China, Russia, and Iran, Stewart said there are many individuals across Europe who have successfully breached U.S. officials’ email networks:

“You know we have individuals in Europe for example who we know have hacked some fairly high-level U.S. officials and their private email accounts. So it could be a nation state, it could be just individuals, it could be a criminal element — there’s a whole bunch of potential targets who if they were able to access and hack this account, you know that would be bad for — well that would just have a bad outcome.”

A spokesperson for the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform declined to comment whether their members will discuss the prospect of holding hearings.

But for the Intelligence Committee, whose members have directly read many of the classified material Clinton sent, potential hearings will at least be a topic of discussion this week.

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