‘A Troubling Pattern of Corruption’: House Judiciary Committee to Investigate Trump’s Plan for G7 at Doral

Carlos Barria/Reuters

President Trump is suggesting his Doral resort in Miami for the location of the 2020 G7 summit, but that plan quickly caught the ire of House Democrats on the Judiciary Committee who announced Wednesday that they would investigate the proposal.

In a press release, Chairman Jerry Nadler wrote, “The president’s personal financial interests are clearly shaping decisions about official U.S. government activities, and this is precisely the type of risk that the constitution’s emoluments clauses were intended to prevent.” Nadler called the Doral plan “the latest in a troubling pattern of corruption and self-dealing by the president.”

He noted that hosting the G-7 at Doral would “entail both foreign and U.S. government spending to benefit the president.”

Nadler added that “the House Judiciary Committee is examining allegations of obstruction of justice, public corruption and other abuses of power by the president as part of its impeachment investigation.”

“The committee will broaden its ongoing investigation to include the latest revelations and will take further investigative steps, including scheduling hearings and requesting additional documents from the White House.”

Trump suggested that he might host the G-7 at his Doral resort while he was still in France. The president touted that his Doral resort is close to the airport, saying, “They love the location of the hotel. We haven’t found anything that’s even close to competing with it. Really you can be there in a matter of minutes after you land.”

“In my opinion, I’m not going to make any money,” he added. “I don’t want to make money. I don’t care about making money.”

President Trump’s Doral resort has suffered a string of problems — there were allegations of bedbugs, and in 2017, Trump’s organization quietly settled a case on that issue. The restaurants at Doral have encountered several health code violations, though the Washington Post notes that their most recent inspection passed with flying colors.

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Ironically, all of the negative press he is getting equates to a massive advertising campaign for his new resort.


It’s called a suggestion, scuttle it and keep moving.


Idiot Nadler’s obsession with Trump’s every move, action, thought, agenda is getting in the way of his (Nadler’s) working FOR the American people. This fat old creep needs to be replaced; hopefully during the 2020 elections in which the GOP should take back control of the House where our elected political representatives will BEGIN working FOR Americans; not their petty obsessions.

General Confusion

I am confused.

How does King Donald the Loser think that he can get away with all of this nonsense? He obviously doesn’t care a bit about hiding any of his actions.

Go after him Chairman Nadler, go after him!

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