U.S. House Leader Says Progress Being Made on USMCA Trade Pact

Erin Scott/Reuters

U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Thursday that progress was being made to address Democrats’ concerns about a trade pact with Canada and Mexico, but that it will take time to write the bill and bring it to a vote.

The “USMCA” deal, which will replace the $1 trillion North American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA, faces opposition from labor unions which worry that it will not protect U.S. jobs.

Speaking to reporters at the U.S. Capitol, Pelosi repeated that ensuring enforceability of workers’ rights, environmental protections and other terms was essential for Democrats to sign on, adding that progress needed to be made in a meeting with the U.S. trade representative on Thursday.

“You are either for enforcement or you are for niceties, and we want to have both,” Pelosi said.

Pelosi is scheduled to meet with U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer in Congress on Thursday about the bill.

Democrats are still waiting for details on enforcement, she said outside her office at noon. “That’s the one place we have not had the assurance, but we’re talking.”

(Reporting by Richard Cowan; Writing by Tim Ahmann and Heather Timmons; Editing by Chizu Nomiyama and Jonathan Oatis)

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Karin Callaway

Half the House is either involved with the Impeachment activities or panting in the background because they have nothing else to do.
As far as USMCA is concerned it is just another Spiked planned way to keep Our President from actually making good on his promises. Which means as usual Pelosi and Schummer are sitting there laughing and sipping the sauce. Nothing that will make the USMCA palatable to Mexico or Canada will come from Pelosi. Just to use the thumb screws to see if Trump will squirm.



Were you smarter, you are most definitely not, you’d draw an analogy between the dysfunction of IJR and the Dimocrats. At least Pelosi makes excuses.

What’s the matter Nancy? No midnight, single-party votes like you did for Obozocare? It’s a sure bet that your union “supporters” are taking note of your empty gestures and wondering where their donations and votes are actually going every time a candidate speaks. Free healthcare for illegals is probably not big on union agendas.

General Confusion

Because IJR is broken… Ha ha ha ha! What a bozo. I was just thinking. You actually sound pretty naïve, here. The UNcorrupted politicians don’t waste their time fundraising on the phones all day like the ones relying on big donations who can spend 6 or more hours in their boiler rooms. This is a well known fact and one of the most annoying and disheartening features of being the standard, corrupt politician. Go ask some what THEY think of doing this each day. Don’t you remember that so sad picture of Ted Cruze bootlicking for King Donald The Loser… Read more »


To the Genitally Confused.

Miss me?

So…NOT corrupt politicians spend HOW much time on issues? Please explain.

You speak with such authority or pretend to. Hours and hours. Like the time you spend here on IJR. I wonder if your employer knows about this?

Tell us about your personal experience as a corrupt politician or stop fantasizing and lying.

General Confusion

Because IJR is broken… “how can they be working on it and attend their bs impeachment hearing?” Cherrie I can understand your confusion, Cherrie. You see, a TYPICAL corrupt politician has to sit for hours and hours EACH DAY, to raise more funds from their few wealthy donors just to get re-elected, while the UNcorrupted ones who get small donations from their many constituents have all of that FREE TIME to craft great policies. That is why Bernie Sanders and Ro Khanna and the Congresswomen of “the squad” are able to keep on pumping out anti-war bills and the two… Read more »


well this is a lie how can they be working on it and attend their bs impeachment hearing?





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