House Oversight Committee Says They’re Investigating Elaine Chao

The House Oversight Committee says that they’re investigating Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao after reports that she aimed to help her family’s shipping business from her post in the Trump cabinet.

In their letter to Chao, the Oversight Committee wrote: “Several reports indicate that you have used your official position to benefit Foremost Group, a shipping company owned by your father and sisters that is headquartered in New York and operates a fleet that transports materials to and from China.”

Chao has not had any formal role in the Foremost Group in decades but it was controlled by her father until recently. Her husband, Senator Mitch McConnell, has received over $1million in donations from Chao’s family, according to the Times.

They noted that Chao has often appeared beside her father in front of the seal for the Department of Transportation during interviews with Chinese media outlets and that during those interviews her father “boasted about his access to President Trump on Air Force One.”

The committee cited a New York Times article which detailed a trip that Chao had planned to make to China but which was canceled after ethics concerns were raised. Chao had allegedly tried to get her family members into meetings with government officials.

Chao is also being investigated by the committee for her stock holdings in Vulcan Materials, which she promised to divest but which eventually made her over $40,000.

The Oversight Committee is requesting a long list of documents that includes all communications that she had about the Foremost Group within the Department of Transportation and a list of all media interviews that she conducted beside members of her family.


  1. >Screwtape<

    It is extremely easy to spot those who are marching in lockstep behind their radicalized Socialist "leaders". I recognize their following Saul Alinsky and his Rule #13 in the book Barry used in his ("community organizing") civil disobedience and public disruption training classes – "Rules for Radicals". (Hillary was "privileged" to read the manuscript in the 1969-1970 period before it was published in 1971. She too became and has been a radical her entire crooked career.)
    But, Rule #13 is: "Pick a target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it." Those on the Left have picked Trump et al for their incessant HATE while trying to convince (lie to) the low-IQ Americans they are the best thing since sliced bread.

  2. Genital,

    You’re so called “whataboutism'” is a hypocritical strawman which does nothing to address the facts. You are also idiotically wrong in using the term.

    Facts: your side loves screaming “racist” about Trump. Notice that all the individuals mentioned are members of the administration, not your side. That is NOT whataboutism. You fail in your accusations of “whataboutism” as you do in life. Because you’re stupid and a shallow-thinker and confused.

    You yourself have frequently used “whataboutism”, but you are a hypocrite, liar, and soft-brained parroter of your “elite” betters. Don’t you have some pathetic mooching to work on?

    1. What is WRONG with you, I Ching?

      Phyllis looks to be right. You need professional help.

  3. But Trump’s a racist and white supremacist (BS). Why does he even have an Asian-American Transportation Secretary, HUD head or a former Indian-American UN rep?

    Now let’s look at Hillary’s dealing uranium deals and Hunter Biden’s China deals.

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