House Republican Admits That He Hasn’t Been to Any of the Impeachment Investigation Hearings

A congressional Republican who sits on one of the committees overseeing the impeachment investigation admitted on CNN on Tuesday that he hasn’t been to any of the impeachment hearings.

The admission by Rep. Ted Yoho of Florida comes a week after House Republicans stormed a secure room inside Capitol Hill because they insisted that the impeachment hearings are being conducted in secret.

When asked if he’s attended any of the depositions, he said, “I haven’t gone to those.” He added later, “It’s not an official inquiry in impeachment, it is something that Nancy Pelosi started without a vote.”

Asked why he wasn’t in the closed deposition underway, where he could question the witness, Yoho said:

“I have other responsibilities in the house and I see this as a sideshow. I’m gonna see a prediction that in three weeks from now, you’re gonna look back at this smoking gun and the things that everybody’s so worked up today and it’ll be as inconsequential as Adam Schiff saying, ‘I’ve got irrefutable information that there was collusion with Trump.'”

Asked again why he’s not in the closed deposition, Yoho flaked, “Well, like I said, I’ve got my questions written down for him.”

Last Wednesday, more than 30 House Republicans barged into the closed-door hearings, despite the fact that 12 of them were actually able to sit in on the hearings. And one of the members who stormed in — Rep. Steve King of Iowa — wouldn’t have been allowed on any closed hearing before a certain committee because he doesn’t sit on any committees.

That move was first tried out by Congressman Matt Gaetz who insisted that he be allowed to sit in on the hearings but was tossed out by Intel Chairman Adam Schiff.

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General Confusion

I heard him in this interview. He is part of the problem, NOT a part of any solution. He says that he has been closely tracking the committee meetings from a distance, but under questioning he freely admits that he read ONE transcript SUMMARY, MAYBE two (he wasn’t really sure). Come on, guy. You are on the committee. If you can’t be bothered to do your job, give it to someone who will. If you can’t be bothered to take the time to read a full transcript, all you have to do is show up and attend the meetings directly.… Read more »

General Confusion

Told ya so.

The first question that I had was whether Rep. Yoyo was a participant in the flash mob attack the other day. Confirmed.

These fascists are not interested in the truth. They just want to delay, confuse, and attack the process.





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