How the Ted Cruz Campaign Might Have Boosted Trump Over the Top — Before the First Primary

Tensions were high Thursday as members of both Donald Trump’s and Hillary Clinton’s campaign teams broke down what they got right and wrong in the 2016 election.

It’s been a tradition at Harvard University since 1992 to have a civil, post-election discussion, but this year, the “post-mortem” meeting was anything but politically correct.

But something no one likely saw coming was the admission from former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski that the Ted Cruz camp gave him a heads up after losing the Iowa Caucuses that Trump wasn’t polling well in New Hampshire.

From the L.A. Times:

“Jeff Roe, campaign manager for Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, called Lewandowski to warn him that polls they had done showed Trump’s support dropping in the coming New Hampshire primary because Trump was attacking other candidates too much.

Trump was not doing his own polls, Lewandowski said, so the insight provided key guidance which allowed them to recalibrate strategy.

A loss in New Hampshire might have crippled Trump. Instead, his victory there, followed by triumphs in Nevada and South Carolina, virtually assured him the nomination.”

Lewandowski recalled their conversation, in which Roe warned that John Kasich would catch up to Trump if they didn’t shift strategies and become more positive.

The former campaign manager-turned-CNN commentator told Politico:

“Some suggestions you take, some you don’t. We knew we had to win New Hampshire. Or I did at least for my job.”

As The Daily Caller reports, Roe confirmed Lewandowski’s account, explaining their need for Trump to squash fellow Republicans in order to help the Cruz camp.

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