Huma’s Spotted for First Time After Hillary’s Loss. The ‘Before’ and ‘After’ Couldn’t Be More Striking…

Huma Abedin, at one time one of Hillary Clinton’s closest aides, is a woman with style. She is known to wear a smile on her face in front of the camera.

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There’s that grin. Well, for her, at least.

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She’s not afraid to flash those pearly whites, either.

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Here she is with her favorite gal pal.

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Following the upset victory by Donald Trump on Tuesday, emotions were running high. But nowhere were they running higher than within the Clinton campaign.

There was crying at the Hillary “victory” party.

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Mothers consoled their children.

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Children consoled their mothers.

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There was dancing crying in the streets.

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The Clinton campaign and its supporters, simply put, were shellshocked.

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Clinton supporters at her campaign headquarters were devastated as they watched the returns roll in, each more disappointing than the last.

In the first days following the election, several celebrity Clinton supporters went completely dark on social media. Clinton surrogate Lena Dunham told supporters in a tearful rant that the mourning period could last until Sunday:

“Wednesday was a day of mourning. Thursday, too. Hell, I’m giving us till Sunday. But then we fight.”

So, where was Huma?

Clinton’s right-hand-woman Huma Abedin was first spotted after the election on Friday, walking into the campaign headquarters in Brooklyn.

After reading a text message, she could hardly fight back the tears:

Sunglasses couldn’t hide the pain on Abedin’s face as she walked to the building — but some noted that it may not just be Hillary’s loss that is weighing on her.

Although Abedin appeared with Clinton when she made her concession speech on Wednesday morning, she has not spoken publicly since Tuesday’s loss.

She is facing a divorce, an investigation, and even potential criminal charges:

Zero Hedge reported:

“Huma Abedin, whose estranged husband many – including John Podesta himself – claim was the catalyst that caused Hillary’s sudden drop in the polls in the week prior to the election, and may have cost Clinton the presidency.

Worse, with her boss now out of politics, Huma suddenly finds herself in a dead-end career, with few accomplishments outside of the Clinton campaign to point to, a looming divorce and a potential criminal probe.”

By the way, it wasn’t just the ladies who were brought to tears by Clinton’s loss.

Former President Bill Clinton appeared to have difficulty keeping it together as the returns came in on Tuesday as well:

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It’s okay, Bill. Let it all out.

Editor’s note: This article was updated after publication.

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