Hunter Just Proposed to Girlfriend in a Duck Blind—And Clever Doesn’t Even Begin to Describe It

Just a month before Valentine’s Day, avid hunter Chris Rockwell took his girlfriend, Jessica Hunt, out for a special hunting trip neither would ever forget.

The two drove out to the Hog Island Wildlife Management Area near Surry, VA. Along with Chris’s hunting gear, he was secretly carrying a beautiful engagement ring.

Chris had plans to propose to Hunt on this day, and he was going to do it only the way a hunter would.

Trying to act like nothing was out of the ordinary, Chris set out for the hunt with Jessica, and within no time the two were in shooting range.

Jessica spotted a group of tundra swans flying right over their heads, and with one sharp shot, she took down her first prize of the day.

When she did this, Chris’s proposal was set into motion.

Chris ran over to the swan and quickly tied a band around the bird’s foot—the type of band biologists use to tag and track birds.

On this band, Chris had inscribed the words:

“Jessica Erin Hunt, will you marry me? The hunt is over.”

Duck Hunter Finds a Truly Unique Way to Propose at Hog Island Wildlife Management Area

Posted by Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries on Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Thankfully, Jessica did not see any of this, and Chris sent his dog to retrieve the swan, telling the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries:

“My dog retrieved it, and she [Jessica] noticed it was banded as [my hunting dog] was bringing it back to the hunting blind.”

However, Jessica was so ecstatic about her shot she never read what was on the band.

Chris then urged his girlfriend to read what was on it—and when she did, she freaked out.

Jessica shouted:

“What! Are you serious?”

That’s when Chris got down on one knee and whipped out the engagement ring, and she said yes.

Speaking with the VDGIF, Jessica said:

“It was amazing. The best proposal ever.”

The two have since set a date for April of 2018. Congratulations, lovebirds.

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