Hurricane Harvey Meets Texas, Promptly Submits to Category 1 Hurricane


The weather storm formerly known as “Category 4 Hurricane Harvey” has made landfall on Texas and has promptly surrendered to a Category 1.

Harvey is life-threatening, dangerous, but diminished as it continues to make its way across the Lone Star State. Storm surges of up to 12 feet, “catastrophic” flooding, and torrential rain still threaten the residents of Texas.

As of Saturday morning, the eye of the hurricane had fallen into a holding pattern in Southeast Texas, bringing with it rainfall of 15-30 inches.

President Donald Trump has provided several updates while monitoring the storm.

Here is a glimpse of what Texans are up against.

There is an eerie resemblance in scale to devastating Hurricane Katrina.

The NOAA gives us a glimpse at Harvey in all its might.

The Associated Press reports that there are, so far, no confirmed deaths.

God bless Texas.

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