‘I Don’t Think What She Said Was Wrong’: Joy Villa Pushes Back on Criticism of Megyn Kelly

While speaking to IJR on Saturday, singer and vocal Trump supporter Joy Villa suggested that former NBC host Megyn Kelly received too much backlash over her comments about wearing “blackface” for Halloween.

“I don’t think what she said was wrong,” Villa said after speaking at the #WalkAway rally in Washington, D.C. — an event for minorities who celebrated leaving the Democratic Party.

Villa said that although she was upset with Kelly for attacking President Donald Trump, she thought Kelly should have been able to express her opinion on the issue.

“She casually said, ‘Listen, I just don’t think it was such a big deal,'” Villa also said. “[…] She didn’t even say ‘blackface.’ She said that scenario being blackface. And we all know the difference between actual blackface […] and someone who maybe spray tans that wants to look like Diana Ross.”

She added:

“She’s not saying, ‘Let’s all don blackface and make fun of black Americans.’ She didn’t come out with this outright racist statement. So is it going to ruffle feathers? Yeah. Did it ruffle my feathers? No, I don’t care. I don’t even watch or care about her anymore.”

Watch Kelly’s comments below:

“When I was a kid, that was OK as long as you were dressing up as, like, a character,” Kelly said. She also indicated that people didn’t need to be as polite on those issues when dressing up for Halloween.

Her comments prompted an immediate backlash and her subsequent apology, which apparently wasn’t enough to stop NBC from canceling her show.

Watch her apology below:


While speaking to IJR, Villa added that Kelly should have been more careful given that she “sold out to that liberal world.”

“Being a presenter, being a part of a very liberal [station], you gotta count your p’s and q’s. You’re not on Fox News anymore,” Villa argued.

She indicated, however, that the reaction was excessive.

“People act like she just said Hitler was OK or something,” she told IJR.

Watch Villa’s speech to the #WalkAway movement below:

Villa, a sexual assault survivor, also commented on the controversy surrounding Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

“As a sexual assault survivor, as both an adult and a child, I know the difference between a real story and something that is taken and conflated and pushed to be someone else’s story so [they] can make it a story,” she said.

Citing perceived problems with Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s story, Villa said she didn’t believe her story.