ICE Director Flattens Buttigieg for ‘Vilifying the Wrong Entity’ After He Criticized Border Officials

Lucas Jackson/Reuters

Acting U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Director Mark Morgan is slamming 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg’s “misinformed” rhetoric on border officials.

At a campaign event on Monday, the South Bend, Indiana, mayor took aim at immigration law enforcement, as he claimed they’re carrying out “inhumane” and “illegal” policies.

Watch Buttigieg’s comments below:

Morgan — who worked as the Border Patrol chief near the end of the Obama administration — caught wind of Buttigieg’s “unbelievable” criticism of border officials’ actions and is slamming him in return for being “misinformed.”

As he labeled Buttigieg’s comments “absolutely inappropriate,” Morgan told “Fox & Friends” on Wednesday that with ICE’s homeland security enforcement, there were 34,000 criminal arrests last year, which included 5,000 gang members and thousands of human trafficking and child exploitation cases.

The acting ICE director continued to slam the 2020 Democrat, as he said he’d like Buttigieg to “explain to me which part of that is illegal or inhumane.”

In Morgan’s opinion, Buttigieg should be calling on Congress to fix the immigration system instead of taking aim at border officials.

“He is vilifying the wrong entity,” Morgan said. “If he doesn’t like the laws, go to Congress, change the laws, then we will enforce those laws.”

Morgan noted that border law enforcement officials are “sacrificing so much” for the U.S.:

“The dedicated men and women of Border Patrol, all of CPB, of HHS, of ICE — they’re working every day and sacrificing so much to safeguard and protect this country, and when you hear stuff like that, it demoralizes them. When they know Congress could fix this issue.”

Watch the video below:


As IJR Red reported, Morgan suggested that the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border is the “worst in modern times,” as he predicts 1 million illegal immigrants to be apprehended in the fiscal year 2019 with 65 percent to be released into the U.S.

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If, while in Naval Intelligence, Butt-gig had stumbled upon a plan for, let’s say, 210,169 communist Chinese infiltrators to be smuggled through the docks at Long Beach, would he have recommended hosting a tea party for them, replete with automatic citizenship and jobs for one and all while forcing ICE agents to wait tables?





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