Former ICE Director Slams Gillibrand’s Immigration Policy Suggestions: ‘Ridiculous and Reprehensible’


During an interview on Fox News Tuesday, former acting ICE director Tom Homan reacted to Senator Kirsten Gillibrand‘s claim that she would stop detentions if she is elected president in 2020.

He shared his frustration with the current system after news broke on Monday that a fifth child had died after being detained by U.S. Customs Enforcement.

“I’ve been saying for months when the first caravan came I said that there would be more,” said Homan. “I said that there’s going to be more children dying, and it’s very sad.”

However, he claimed that open borders and liberal immigration policies are not the answer, slamming Gillibrand’s recent comments about immigration.

“Senator Gillibrand making statements that are so reprehensible that she doesn’t understand the issues. When you say things like that when you run for president, saying ‘we’re not going to detain anybody,’ that’s just going to entice more families to put themselves in the hands of criminal organizations and make this dangerous journey.”

He claimed that his goal is to protect immigrants and encourage them to stop taking dangerous chances.

“It is about saving lives of a vulnerable population that wants to take advantage of the enticements that the Democratic leadership throw out there — like Senator Gillibrand,” Homan said.


He then pointed out policies that Gillibrand supports, claiming that they would do nothing to help the situation, calling her suggestions “ridiculous and reprehensible.”

“She believes in sanctuary cities, she believes in open borders, she wants to abolish ICE. And now she doesn’t want to detain anybody? You think that kind of talk from a presidential candidate is going to help the situation?” Homan asked.

Homan then called on Congress to act, claiming that immigration law reform was the only way to help fix the problem.

“This isn’t just about enforcement of law but saving lives,” said Homan. “As long as Congress won’t address the loopholes, people will be put in harm’s way.”

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