If You’re Hosting Thanksgiving and Don’t Buy Your Bird Soon, You Could Be in Trouble…

In America, we pride ourselves on Thanksgiving.

It’s a day when we get together with the people we love the most, and stuff our faces with as much food as we want without feeling any guilt. Not to mention, the countdown to Christmas begins in full effect the following day.

But back to the food.

Would Thanksgiving be Thanksgiving without turkey?

You may end up finding out, because there is a pretty big shortage of these delectable birds.

Image Credit: YouTube

CBS San Francisco reports that over 9 million turkeys were wiped out this year after contracting avian flu, which will be making it much more difficult for people to get fresh birds.

A shortage like this not only means fewer fresh birds, but the price of turkeys is expected to rise 20 to 30 percent.

The good news is, this shortage mostly affects fresh birds, so chances are low that you’ll be entirely turkey-less. You just might get stuck with a frozen turkey if you don’t act soon.