Freshman Dem Rep Ihan Omar Faces Backlash from Both Sides for Anti-Semitic Comments

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Recently elected Representative Ilhan Omar is facing backlash for promoting an anti-Semitic message and criticizing lawmakers for supporting Israel.

Omar has spoken out in the past about her concerns with the nation of Israel, but after House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said he would consider discipline if Omar continued, she suggested that it was because he was being paid to do so.

However, the lawmaker quickly received harsh backlash from both sides for her comments:

Democratic Representative Max Rose, who is Jewish, slammed her comments as divisive and unnecessary.

“When someone uses hateful and offensive tropes and words against people of any faith, I will not be silent,” said Rose. “Congresswoman Omar’s statements are deeply hurtful to Jews, including myself.”

Nikki Haley also responded to the issue, saying that this should not be an issue in American politics.

“In a time of increased anti semitism, we all must be held to account,” said Haley. “No excuses.”

McCarthy and Representative Lee Zeldin also reacted to Omar’s criticisms.

Dan Shapiro, former President Barack Obama’s Israeli ambassador, also claimed that anti-Semitism needed to be condemned.

Even Chelsea Clinton went after Omar but agreed to meet with her to begin a discussion on why her opinion may be wrong.

Although Omar is meeting with Clinton, she has not directly apologized for her comments.

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Rocky Drummond

Of all foreign countries or nationals donating to American politicians, Israel earns its place in opensecrets by being the ONLY country that has its own donor category. Not any of our neighbors, not Russia, only Israel. AIPAC is a major part of that corruption & influence.

2/3 of those donations go to Democrat politicians, so that is why Democrats are speaking out about her negatively.

This is just another example of how corrupt US elections & politics are. Get money out of politics!

Mary Valco Diggins

She’s obviously anti-Semitic. If she offers an apology, it will be insincere.

Rocky Drummond

She is not anti-Semitic. She is anti-corruption. There is a difference.

You clearly need to learn more about the situation. AIPAC spent about $3.5M affecting our last election, with 2/3 going to Democrat politicians, 1/3 going to Republican politicians. That is a foreign lobby meddling in our election. Are you cool with that?

Rocky Drummond

Well, apparently, someone IS cool with foreigners meddling in our elections. Imagine that.


Mary, isn’t it interesting how someone tries to defend Omar’s anti-Semitism by doubling-down in her attacks on Israel and accusing it of corruption? It makes one wonder if he himself is an anti-Semite or just addled. Maybe both.

I wonder how he feels about lobbying by CAIR or Amazon (which has facilitated donations to Islamic extremist groups like MRDF)?

I agree that money is a corrupting influence in politics, but this is NOT the original argument about anti-semitism.

Rocky Drummond

“Maybe both.” Screwtape

Or maybe neither.

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