IJR Announces New Leadership Team

Promotions and Hires Signal New Direction for Independent Journal Review

ALEXANDRIA, VA. April 2, 2019 – Independent Journal Review (IJR) officially announced key changes to its leadership team.

At the executive level:

  • Alex Skatell will serve as CEO, focusing on long-range strategy and product innovation. Skatell, who founded IJR in 2012, previously served as president and CEO of the company.
  • Camden Stuebe has been promoted to president of IJR and will oversee all aspects of daily business and editorial operations. Stuebe joined the company in 2015 and previously served as chief of staff.

At the editorial level, IJR also announced major leadership changes:

  • Emmy-nominated journalist and author Shushannah Walshe has joined the IJR team in a newly created editor-at-large position.
  • Josh Billinson has been promoted to senior editor of IJR Blue, a vertical of the publication covering news and opinion from the liberal-progressive perspective.
  • Carlin Becker will serve as senior editor of IJR Red, a publication vertical covering news and opinion with an emphasis on the conservative-libertarian viewpoint.

“The news media industry is facing tremendous challenges – in terms of financial sustainability, reader trust, and its role in sustaining a healthy democracy,” said CEO Alex Skatell. “The team we’re announcing today has the talent and experience needed to help IJR succeed and make a positive impact in our industry.”  

Camden Stuebe added, “I am excited about the opportunity to lead such a talented team. In my nearly four years at IJR, we have achieved some incredible milestones like hosting a presidential debate. But what I appreciate most is that we are constantly asking how we can do better, learning tough lessons, and then adapting to better serve our readers. That hard work has really prepared us to make the next chapter in IJR’s history a successful one.”

Today’s announcement is the first in a series of changes that will impact every aspect of IJR’s mission and operations. In the next two months, the company will be announcing additional enhancements in its product and editorial divisions.

“What drew me to IJR is that the team here is really trying to find innovative and sustainable ways to share stories, provide information, and serve readers,” said Shushannah Walshe, the publication’s new editor-at-large. “Having spent the last 18 months getting back to basics, IJR has a clear vision about how it can contribute something unique – both in terms of its products and its editorial perspective – and it’s nimble enough to achieve it.”

For more information about the new leadership team, please see their bios.

About Independent Journal Review

Independent Journal Review was founded in 2012 as a “social-first” online news site and became known for its unique blend of news, politics, and pop culture. By 2015, the site garnered more than 35 million monthly unique visitors and become one of the 10 most trafficked mobile sites in the country. Today, it is headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, and produces news and opinion content designed to provide readers with a one-stop source of reliable information about both sides of every issue.



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Works for me and continued success, IJR. As a frequent and sometimes annoying poster here, I enjoy the exchange of thoughts; even from those who are wearing blinders and marching in lockstep behind their handlers. Thanks.

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