WATCH: Leaked Footage Gives First Unfiltered Look Into Migrant Detention Facility

| JUN 26, 2018 | 4:15 PM

Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images

Rachel Maddow revealed leaked footage and audio on Monday from a child immigration detention center — the first footage to be released that was not pre-approved by the government.

Maddow took to Twitter claiming that she had the first non-government approved footage of inside a child immigration center. 

She continued on, revealing she received the clips from a former employee who had recently left their job at the center. The video, Maddow claims, shows a “distraught girl who pleads to speak with her mother.”

During Maddow's show, she first revealed footage of a young girl who says her name is “Jessica.” In the video, she is crying out for her mother while the detention worker tries to ask her some questions. Jessica claims that she crossed the border with her 10-year-old brother. 


The employee tries to calm Jessica and offers to “call her [case] worker.” 

The next clip is an audio recording of a different detention center employee warning kids not to talk to the press. The employee told the kids that if they talk to the press “one doesn't know what is going to happen [to the kids.]”


The employee in the audio clip tells the children “be careful not to talk [to the press.]" They claim that as long as they are there the workers will ”[try] to help you guys so that you can you reunify with your family."

This video is the first to show a child's reaction to living in the center. Previous looks inside various detention centers have shown caged living conditions, food rations, and overcrowded sleeping arrangements.