Some Genius Is Driving Around Texas in a Truck With an Anti-Ted Cruz Trump Tweet Stamped to the Side

| SEP 12, 2018 | 2:33 PM

In Texas, Republican Senator Ted Cruz has found himself in an unexpected dogfight with challenger Beto O'Rourke. After Cruz spent months ahead in the polls, O'Rourke is knocking on his front door, with a recent poll showing him behind by only one point. The Republican incumbent is doing all sorts of things to try to beat back the youngster, including getting President Donald Trump to rally for him and sharing a deceptively edited clip of O'Rourke's speech.

While Cruz is stuffing his pockets with big bucks — he takes more money from the National Rifle Association than any other member of congress — O'Rourke is relying on more grassroots efforts, like the video of him skateboarding in a parking lot that went viral last month. The latest stunt an O'Rourke ally has pulled is a plastered tweet from Trump that criticizes Cruz on the side of a truck that is being driven around Texas.

Here's a mock-up of the #TrumpTweetTruck:

And here's what it actually looks like on the road:

The truck was reportedly scheduled to hit the road on Thursday, but there have already been a handful of tweets from people who have spotted it on the highways of the Lone Star state.

The truck is the latest bit of guerrilla marketing from Mad Dog PAC, a Democratic organization known for some rather obscure marketing schemes. They made headlines last month when they hung “SURRENDER DONALD” on a bridge outside of Washington.

The tweet that's plastered across the side of the truck dates back to February 28, 2016, during the heat of the primary season when Cruz seemed to be the only thing standing between Trump and the Republican presidential nomination. Trump has softened his rhetoric on Cruz and announced in the end of August that he will be visiting Texas to stump for Cruz in “the biggest stadium ... we can find.”

As for O'Rourke, he's been hitting the road constantly and slowly pulling the polls in his direction. It would still be a major upset if he is able to unseat Cruz, who is running for his second term, but that looks like a stunning possibility. Texans haven't elected a Democrat to the Senate in 30 years — since Lloyd Bentsen in 1988. In 2012, Cruz defeated Democrat Paul Sadler by 16 points, getting nearly 1.3 million more votes. But there's a chance that the 2018 blue wave could crash on Texas, and if it does, Cruz will be out of a job.