Oscars Host Jimmy Kimmel Calls for 'Night of Positivity' — Then Lets Loose With Political Jabs

| MAR 5, 2018 | 2:56 AM

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel proclaimed the star-studded Hollywood awards show this year should be a night of “positivity” — but that didn't stop him from taking several politically charged shots at President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, and Fox News.

At the beginning of the show, after referring to “Black Panther” actress Lupita Nyong'o's heritage, Kimmel joked that the president would soon start tweeting in outrage:

“The stunning Lupita Nyong'o, she was born in Mexico and raised in Kenya. Let the tweetstorm from the president's toilet begin!”

Kimmel then addressed Jordan Peele, joking that President Trump saw his hit movie, “Get Out,” and had quite the reaction:

“Jordan is only the first person in 90 years to be nominated for directing, writing and best picture for his debut film. What a debut it was. None other than President Trump called 'Get Out' the best first three-quarters of a movie this year.”

Sneaking in some election humor into the mix, Kimmel joked about Russian election meddling after “Icarus” won best documentary.

“Now at least we know Putin didn't rig this competition,” he said.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Vice President Mike Pence was the butt of another joke from Kimmel when the gay romance film “Call Me By Your Name” came up.

“We don't make films like 'Call Me By Your Name' for money. We make them to upset Mike Pence,” Kimmel joked.

Kimmel also mocked Fox News' audience at one point:

“Oscar is 90 years old tonight, which means he's probably at home tonight watching Fox News.”

However, through the first couple of hours of the Oscars, the acceptance speeches were almost entirely void of politics.