YouTube Star Asks Conservative Icon What Turned Him Away From Marxism — His One-Word Answer Is a Zinger

| APR 13, 2018 | 6:31 PM

Conservative icon Thomas Sowell had one word when asked why he abandoned his progressive beliefs: “Facts.”

Speaking to YouTube star Dave Rubin during an interview published Thursday, the American economist concisely explained why he left behind his Marxist worldview.

“It's not that unusual," Sowell told Rubin. "Most of the leading conservative thinkers of our time did not start off as conservative. ... I mean, Milton Freedman was a liberal and a Keynesian. [Friedrich] Hayek was a socialist. Ronald Reagan was so far left, at one point, the FBI was following him.”

Watch a portion of their conversation below:

At that point, Rubin asked Sowell, “So then what was your wake-up to what was wrong with that line of thinking?”

“Facts,” Sowell quickly replied.

And during an interview on Fox News several years ago, the conservative thinker said his job with the government “was enough” for him to rethink his political leanings because he “realized the government was nowhere close to being capable of doing what people on the left wanted the government to do.”

Sowell, who worked for the U.S. Department of Labor, went on to say the country “would be lucky” if the federal government didn't “make things worse.”

He explained the difference between liberals and conservatives this way: “[Liberals] are for helping people that are disadvantaged, as they put it. Whereas I think conservatives want to stop people from being disadvantaged.”