WH Staffer Joked John McCain Is 'Dying Anyway' Over Haspel Opposition — Now Meghan's Firing Back

| MAY 11, 2018 | 7:37 PM

Meghan McCain, one of the co-hosts of ABC's “The View,” responded Friday to the despicable comment from a White House staffer who said her father, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), is “dying anyway.”

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The staffer, Kelly Sadler, made the “joke” after hearing John McCain is planning to vote against President Donald Trump's nominee for CIA director, Gina Haspel.

Meghan McCain told viewers Friday, “Don't feel bad for me or my family, we're really strong.” She continued:

“There's so much more love and prayer and amazing energy being generated towards us than anything negative at all. And I feel so blessed. My dad's actually doing really well right now, and I believe in the power of prayer, and I think it's helping.”

“The View” co-host then responded directly to Sadler's widely rebuked remark, saying, “This may be a bit intense for 11 o'clock in the morning on a Friday, but we're all dying. I'm dying, you're dying, we're all dying.”

The 81-year-old senator has a particularly intense strain of brain cancer, though Meghan McCain said Friday her heroic father is feeling better and would like to soon return to Capitol Hill.

John McCain's wife, Cindy, took to Twitter on Thursday evening to rebuke Sadler for her shameful comment:

Meghan McCain, for her part, ended her comments on the issue by advocating for Sadler's dismissal from the White House.

“I don't understand what kind of environment you're working in when that would be acceptable and then you can come to work the next day and still have a job,” she said.