Curriculum Leaders Want Teachers to Stop Teaching the Alamo as 'Heroic'— Texans Are Not Happy About It

| SEP 9, 2018 | 8:12 PM

Jill Torrance/Getty Images

Curriculum leaders in Texas no longer want students to be taught that the battle of the Alamo was a “heroic” event in American history.

A committee of the State Board of Education hopes to eliminate the word “heroic” from the state's curriculum because the term is “a value-charged word.”

Currently, the curriculum instructs teachers to educate seventh-grade students on “the siege of the Alamo and all the heroic defenders who gave their lives there.”

If the change is adopted, teachers will be instructed to ditch the patriotism and teach only “the siege of the Alamo.”

Many Texan leaders, including Governor Greg Abbott (R-Texas), were frustrated by the committee's proposal.

Even the chairwoman of the Texas Board of Education, Donna Bahorich, found the curriculum edits to be unnecessary.

Walter Buenger, a historian from the University of Texas said, “Part of the problem with the word heroic may be that it's too simplistic.”

Although Bahorich will not support changing the curriculum language, she is only one of 15 votes to approve or deny the change. The final vote will take place in November.