Ilhan Omar Accuses President Trump of Acting Like a Dictator: ‘Impeachment Is Inevitable’

Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) accused President Donald Trump of acting like a dictator and claimed his impeachment is “inevitable.”

Omar took to Twitter to share a recent interview she had done with Rolling Stone in which she claimed that Trump had the “markings of a dictator.”

Omar told Rolling Stone that she believes Trump will be impeached but that she fears a presidency under Vice President Mike Pence more than Trump:

“I believe that impeachment is inevitable. It also is a terrifying notion. Pence is an ideologue, and the ideology he holds is more terrifying to me and my constituents. And we have not had a full impeachment that removes the president from office. Nations struggle any time [they] overthrow a dictator, and Trump really has the markings of a dictator.”

Omar’s comparison of Trump to a dictator caught the attention of some on Twitter. Many countered her claim, pointing to areas in which the president has expanded individual freedom.

Others noted that Omar came out against the Trump administration’s support of interim President Juan Guaido in Venezuela. Many believe that Guaido’s presidency is the first step in freeing the Venezuelan people from the rule of Nicolas Maduro.

Guaido assumed the position of interim president after the democratically elected National Assembly ruled Maduro’s rigged election invalid.

When the Trump administration made the announcement, Omar sided with Maduro, calling the administration’s decision to support Guaido a “U.S.-backed coup.”

Many found it hypocritical that Omar believes Trump has the “markings of a dictator” and should be impeached when she does not support the movement against Maduro.

This is not the first time that Omar has called for Trump to be removed from the Oval Office. Omar joined her colleague, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), in vowing to move forward with impeaching the president, as IJR previously reported.

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Speaking of nukes, why hasn’t IJR issued a single word on the escalating India/Pakistan crisis? Both those countries HAVE nukes, a history of hostilities, and a nuclear exchange between them will not only contaminate the US with radiation and debris, but possibly bring the involvement of other nuclear-armed powers. q.v. Israel, Iran, China, Russia and the US.
Thinktanks, including the Rand Corp., have speculated that India/Pakistan will be the match that starts a nuke war.


Omar is shortsignted, bigoted, and lacks a worldview. Has she considered that Trump is now negotiating with an ACTUAL dictator? Her slander and the entire Mueller/Cohen sideshows degrade his ability to negotiate. They make him look weak and do nothing to dissuade NK’s nuclear ambitions.


If Trump were a dictator Omar wouldn’t be able to make comments like this. More likely she’d be “disappeared”.





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