Ilhan Omar Calls Questions About Alleged Affair and Campaign Finance Violations ‘Stupid’

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) has been dodging questions about her alleged affair and subsequent campaign finance violations all week.

Omar’s drama started when the New York Post published details from the divorce proceedings between Dr. Beth Mynett and her husband, Tim Mynett. Tim Mynett has worked for several top Democrats, including Omar and her predecessor former Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.). According to the doctor, Tim Mynett and Omar have been having an affair which prompted their divorce. Dr. Mynett claimed that her husband professed his love for Omar.

The congresswoman denied the affair and has maintained that her relationship with Tim Mynett is strictly professional, despite reports that Omar separated from her husband earlier this summer.

The alleged affair went from a personal drama to a potential legal problem for Omar, however, after two separate groups announced plans to file ethics complaints against the congresswoman.

Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch told the New York Post that he plans to file an ethics complaint with the Office of Congressional Ethics while the National Legal and Policy Center filed a complaint with the Federal Elections Commission.

Both complaints allege that campaign or federal resources have been inappropriately used to pay Tim Mynett’s travel while he was romantically involved with Omar. As the Post notes, however, it is not necessarily a violation if Tim Mynett was working for the income he received from the congresswoman’s campaign, despite the bad look.

But with ethical questions swirling, reporters have been trying to get Omar to speak on the issue with little success.

Theo Keith, a Minnesota-based reporter with Fox 9, reported that Omar refused to discuss the issue, calling related questions “stupid” and physically blocking reporters who asked about the subject.

Keith’s footage shows Omar dodging questions at several events in Minnesota. The only answer Omar gave was that she would not be discussing personal matters with the press.


“[I’m dodging you] because they’re stupid questions,” Omar told reporters, adding at a later event, “I will just say, I have no interest in commenting on anything that you are about to ask about my personal life, so you can chase me all you want.”

This is not the first time Omar has been hit with concerns about her campaign finances. As IJR previously reported, Omar was forced to pay fines to the Minnesota Campaign Finance Board after it was found that she violated state campaign finance laws while serving as a state representative.


  1. Omar should be grateful to America. Not only did a bedraggled 10-yr. old refugee get to sit in Congress, but she also gets to hate on her new home.

    Funny, but for someone who espouses Islam, Shariah, and extremists she should be thankful to be in the US. In Somalia she’d have been subjected to FGM AND her indiscretions would have her stoned (most likely after gang-rape). Maybe we should multiculturally embrace that aspect of Islam, without the rapey part..

    1. Immigrants are allowed to speak up about things they feel are wrong with the country. I don’t like her. Like, i really don’t like her.

      But legal immigrants shouldn’t be shamed into silence just because their native country sucks.

      My main point is asking why is it relevant how her home country would have treated?

  2. So Omar’s personal life is off limits but everyone who opposes her is ‘open season’ …what a hypocrite.

  3. Her next excuse will probably be “all this is perfectly OK where I come from” and to accuse those who dare question her of racism. Disgusting.

  4. I can recall it was nearly a year ago when it was reported Omar wrote herself a check in the amount of $5,000 from her campaign funds. (Rep Tlaib wrote herself two checks: one for $5,000 and another for $15,500. AOC should also be called to explain her fingers in her campaign fund pot.)

    Also, I believe HER – the wife of the man Omar had a sexual relationship with while on a “:business” trip. We used to call that “monkeying around business”.

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