Illinois Bill Ordering Gun Owners to Turn in or Transfer Ownership of ‘Assault’ Rifles Passes State House

As different states are looking at their gun laws in the aftermath of mass shootings, the Illinois State House and Senate passed a bill in late February that would require 18- to 20-year-olds to turn in their “assault rifles” within 90 days.

The Associated Press reports Democratic Rep. Michelle Mussman sponsored the bill, and it passed in the House 64-51.

If signed into law, it will prohibit people under 21 years old from buying or possessing “assault rifles,” high-capacity magazines, and .50-caliber rifles.

“There’s always the debate about whether or not it’s appropriate to have a discussion in the heat of the moment,” Mussman said on the House floor. “But I think that what we are seeing right now is a demand from the public that we stop kicking this down the road. That we actually do something about this.”

Mussman said police will not be going door-to-door to confiscate the weapons, but being caught underage with the banned items will result in a misdemeanor.

In Florida, both state chambers passed a gun bill package that combined a number of pro-gun control and pro-gun rights provisions.

It raises the age to own a rifle or shotgun to 21, but it allows staff at schools to be armed. It also bans bump stocks and creates a waiting period of three days for new gun purchases, according to The New York Times.

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