Impeachment Articles Filed Against Trump in Congress. Look at How Many Members Have Signed Them

After months of threatening the “I” word against Donald Trump, one House Democrat got the stones and just went ahead and filed articles of impeachment against the president.

Brad Sherman (D-CA) introduced an article of impeachment in the House Wednesday, citing Trump for “obstruction of justice.” According to Sherman’s press release, which read like a undergrad admissions essay to the University of California, Berkley:

Every day Democrats, Republicans, and the entire world are shocked by the latest example of America’s amateur President. Ignorance accompanied by a refusal to learn.  Lack of impulse control, accompanied by a refusal to have his staff control his impulses. We’re no longer surprised by any action, no matter how far below the dignity of the office — and no matter how dangerous to the country.

But the Constitution does not provide for the removal of a President for impulsive, ignorant incompetence. It does provide for the removal of a President for High Crimes and Misdemeanors.

Sherman also tweeted the impeachment article out, getting lots of retweets, which is a sure sign impeachment is on the horizon for the president:

To introduce a bill or motion in Congress, a second member needs to sign on in support of it. This is called a “cosponsor.” Most serious bills have dozens of cosponsors upon introduction.

Sherman’s impeachment bill has one: Rep. Al Green (D-TX).

Reporters took note:

To get anywhere with the article, Sherman would have to convince the GOP-controlled House to impeach a president from its own party.

White House Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Sanders called the filing “utterly ridiculous”:

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