In Morning Tweetstorm, Trump Gushes Over Himself — “So Great Looking and Smart”

Carlos Barria/Reuters

President Trump returned to attacking his political opponents on Twitter on Thursday during a series of tweets in which he also took time to shoot at what he calls “the fake news media.”

In his first two tweets, Trump declared that “the fake news is not as important, or as powerful, as social media” and claimed that the press has “lost tremendous credibility” since he won the election.

But the follow-up tweets were even more colorful. In those, he dished on his 2020 opponents and joked that he won’t obey the constitutional limit for presidential terms.

The Oval Office Twitter thumbs outlined his nicknames for all of his opponents, including “sleepy Joe Biden” and his nickname for Pete Buttigieg, “Alfred E. Newman” and his nickname for Elizabeth Warren, “Pocahontas.”

Finally, the president served up some self-flattery, calling himself “so great looking and smart, a true stable genius.”

This is hardly the first time that the president has lapped praise upon himself and the “stable genius” line is something of a refrain of his. He first dropped the line in January of 2018. In a jab back, a Democratic lawmaker later introduced the “Stable Genius Act” requiring presidential candidates to submit to a mental health exam.

And it’s not just his mental health that Trump has a history of touting. In April, he told reporters in front of the White House, “I’m so young, I can’t believe it, I’m the youngest person — I am a young, vibrant man.” Donald Trump is the oldest person ever elected to the presidency.

As for the nicknames, Trump hasn’t given them to the entire field — some top candidates like Kamala Harris haven’t been given a monicker. But for most of his perceived possible opponents, the president has already branded them with some sort of name that he apparently believes diminishes them. Unmentioned in his Thursday tweets was his Sanders quip — “crazy Bernie.”

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I’m grateful that he’s exposed the media.

john crawford
john crawford

Trump is, if nothing else, entertaining. It is hilarious how he taunts and triggers the left. Such a bonus. He does these things just to ruffle their feathers, and it works every time.

General Confusion

James is confused about just how dumb King Donald The Loser really is. He can stand right beside an F35, which he can obviously see, and call it “invisible”. He thinks the “enemy” can’t attack it because they can’t see it. Amazing. The King truly believes that humans have a finite number of heartbeats and that we waste them doing vigorous exercise. Amazing. The King thinks that the civil rights “bussing” issue involves the physical problems today of getting kids to school on time in the morning. Amazing. The amazing thing is that 63 million of us actually voted this… Read more »


Glad to see the President still has the ability to laugh and joke despite all the unwarranted criticism and endless investigations into his every past, present and future move

Have the Socialists yet begun to question: boxers or briefs?

Geez, NOW I’ve prompted the dimwits to start ANOTHER investigation. Oh well, it’s only a few million $$$ of the taxpayer’s money.

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