The Women’s March Banned This Pro-Life Group. Here Is How They Got Revenge

Almost half a million women took over the Washington DC streets on Saturday to participate in the Women’s March. The march was sold as “inclusive” and for “all women.” However, days before the march, organizers banned Students for Life, a pro life student organization, from becoming an official sponsor or marching with the large crowds. Official partners of the Women’s March included Planned Parenthood along with other pro-abortion organizations.

Not taking, “No” for an answer, members of Students for Life decided to attend anyways. Pro-life students went to the front of the enormous march and unfurled a giant banner which declared, “Abortion Betrays Women” and “We don’t need Planned Parenthood.”

Image Credit: Screenshot/Students for Life

It only took a few moments before the disapproving, pro-abortion feminists started booing and chanting vitriol at them. Some even threatening them.

The moment was caught on Facebook live.

We are LIVE at the very front of the Women's March in Washington DC!

Posted by Students for Life of America on Saturday, January 21, 2017

The issue has been a flashpoint for the march. Almost 50% of Americans have a pro-life view, a viewpoint that was not celebrated in Saturday’s march, but will be championed by hundreds of thousands who will descend upon the city for the March for Life a week later.

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Students for Life President, Kristan Hawkins, is proud of the work that her organization did during the march.

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Hawkins shared her thoughts on the matter with Independent Journal Review.

“In middle of December we found out that Planned Parenthood would be an official sponsor. . The abortion lobby has made it where you can’t have a conversation about helping women thrive and succeed and achieve their dreams and careers goals without talking about abortion.”

Hawkins also told IJR that at one point during the march, a couple tried to block the pro-life students from continuing to march with their banners.

“She used her own children to block them from continuing to march with their signs,” Hawkins told IJR.

The couple, who had disabled children, told the pro-life marchers that they need access to healthcare. Then screamed at Hawkins, “Do you want to take our disabled children and raise them?”

Hawkins immediately said, “Yes.”

The organization has been receiving some hate emails since the video went viral but Hawkins says she also has received a lot of support as well.

“We have received messages from people who tell me that they are praying for us and that they support us.”

Students for Life will also be participating in this year’s March for Life rally and march in DC on January 27th.

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