Indy Columnist Urges Colts to Sign Kaepernick — Then He Gets Message Loud and Clear From the Fans…

Indianapolis columnist Bob Kravitz recently urged the Colts organization to sign controversial quarterback Colin Kaepernick after the team’s star QB Andrew Luck missed some practice time.

But after hearing the outcry and seeing the results of a WTHR-TV poll, Kravitz admitted that he was clearly not on the same page as Colts fans:

That said, the returns are in, and it’s abundantly clear, you don’t want Kaepernick despite the fact that Andrew Luck is still not practicing, and neither Scott Tolzien nor Stephen Morris has set this training camp on fire. A WTHR Facebook poll of nearly 20,000 respondents showed that 70.6 percent don’t want him here and 29.4 percent said he should be signed. Rich Nye of WTHR also did a poll on his Facebook page; of 769 votes, 57 percent said no, 43 percent said yes. The most common refrain among those opposed to Kaepernick’s signing:

If they bring him here, I’ll never go to a Colts game again.

Kravitz went on to admit that he at least understands why fans are so resistant to having Kaepernick on their team, referencing his decision to kneel for the National Anthem and wear socks depicting police officers as pigs.

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Regardless of whether he agrees, it seems Kravitz got the message loud and clear.

Kaepernick is running out of options as far as his chances for a comeback in the NFL go.

The Miami Dolphins opted to bring Jay Cutler, 34, out of retirement rather than sign the controversial QB. The Baltimore Ravens have also expressed interest, but the word is the team’s owner is very resistant to signing Kaepernick.

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