As Internet Goes Wild After FBI Director’s Firing, One Name Comes to the Top as His Replacement

The Swamp got a little less swampy, as far as Trump-supporting Twitter is concerned, with the abrupt firing today of FBI Director James Comey.

The Obama holdover, who was “in the news” a bit too often for a top law enforcement official, finally lost his job. It came at the suggestion of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

The termination follows upon many-a-raised-eyebrow regarding his misstatement under oath about Clinton associate Huma Abedin.

Many took to Twitter to express their approval over Comey being “fired”:

Right on cue, then came the conspiracy theories from Resistance Twitter™:

After all, Comey was the guy Hillary Clinton and her followers have been blaming for her election loss. Confused yet?

One thing Republicans and Trump supporters seem to be unified on is Comey’s replacement: Trey Gowdy.

Zach Gibson/Getty Images

Stop: Gowdy time.

The man is a legend on the non-left Internet for dressing down bureaucrats as easily as he changes his socks.

He doesn’t care if you’re a Black Lives Matter-endorsing professor:

Or a DEA agent:

Or a Planned Parenthood official:

Or a Democratic Congressman:

Or an immigration “expert”:

Or the entire media:

Or Hillary Clinton herself:

The man has ice water running through his veins.

And sometimes, on his head:

An unscientific online poll (again, I repeat myself) with nearly 900 votes had Gowdy as the frontrunner:
The Internet was buzzing with the thought of seeing Gowdy go after criminals, no matter where they might be found:

Can we imagine?

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Oh, we can imagine.

Update: This article previously included a tweet from @Ten_GOP, an account which has since been suspended. The tweet has since been removed.

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