Is Kellyanne Conway Bailing on Trump? Chris Wallace Tried His Best to Find Out

Is Trump Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway no longer comfortable with her boss’s behavior? Perhaps even beginning to distance herself from his campaign?

Conway recently broke with Trump during an appearance on “The View,” saying she doesn’t believe widespread voter fraud exists, nor that the election is “rigged.”

Then there are her tweets — such as this one, last week:

She pointed to this tweet, as if to distance herself from Trump’s ‘bad comments’ and take credit for the ‘good ones’:

And there was this:

Which pointed to this:

Fox host Chris Wallace confronted Conway over the rumors, citing her recent ‘no-shows’ on “Fox News Sunday.”

“You were pulled twice from this show around the time that there were all these allegations about women saying that he had groped them.”

Conway denied being pulled from the show, nor having any specific frustrations with Trump, but Wallace persisted.

“We were told as recently as a Saturday night that you were gonna be doing our show at the height of the whole scandal, and then suddenly Rudy Giuliani showed up, and you don’t look like Rudy Giuliani.”

Incidentally, Conway posted a somewhat cryptic tweet last week about a “shout-out” from Hillary Clinton during the Al Smith dinner:

The shout-out was a compliment to Conway — and a shot at Trump:

Was Conway trolling Clinton, suggesting she hasn’t been paid, or thinking beyond the election? In any case, her recent tweets and comments have only served to fuel the rumors.

What do you think?

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