Is Vladimir Putin a Real-Life Bond Villain? Look at These Photos and Decide for Yourself

Between allegations of electoral interference and recent violence in Crimea, President Vladimir Putin has been the topic of much discussion lately. However, no one seems to be asking the really important questions. Is Putin secretly living a double life as a James Bond villain? Take a look at the evidence and decide for yourself.

Vladimir Putin is known for his peculiar photo ops:

Image Credit: Getty Images/Aleksey Druzhinin/AFP

But what if they were just a cover for something more sinister? Is it possible that Vladimir Putin is actually a super villain? Perhaps when we thought he was simply hunting shirtless in the Russian wilderness, he was actually training for world domination:

Image Credit: Getty Images/Dmitry Astakhov/AFP

Of course, he has all of the necessary skills to be a super villain. As a former KGB agent, Vladimir Putin is a master of disguise:

Image Credit: Getty Images/Alexey Druzhinin/AFP

His ability to seamlessly blend into any situation is rivaled only by President George W. Bush:

Image Credit: Getty Images/Omar Torres/AFP

All Bond villains have intimidating henchman to do their dirty work. While he might not have Oddjob or Jaws, Putin does have Steven Seagal:

Image Credit: Getty Images/Alexei Nikolsky/AFP

Every villain needs eccentric hobbies and Vladimir Putin would be no exception. He hunts whales with a harpoon gun:

Image Credit: Getty Images/Alexey Druzhinin/AFP

He flies around in a hang glider:

Image Credit: Getty Images/Alexey Druzhinin/Yuri Kadobnov/AFP

And he even knows how to pilot a submarine:

Image Credit: Getty Images/Sasha Mordovets

Like all Bond villains, Putin fancies some of the finer things in life. He is a master concert pianist:

Image Credit: Getty Images/Aleksey Nikolskyi/AFP

He’s also an experienced race car driver, a skill that would surely come in handy if he ever needed to get away in a hurry:

Image Credit: Getty Images/Alexey Druzhinin/AFP

And like all super villains, he enjoys the comfort of exotic animals:

Getty Images/Andrew Taylor/G20 Australia

But it’s important to remember that Vladimir Putin is also deadly. He knows his way around a pistol:

Image Credit: Getty Images/Dmitri Astakhov/AFP

If he isn’t quite ready to dispose of you, he might use a tranquilizer gun:

Image Credit: Getty Images/Alexey Druzhinin/AFP

And when all else fails, he can take care of his foes with his hands and feet:

Image Credit: Getty Images/Alexey Druzhinin/AFP

The Russian President is in peak physical condition, and he does everything he can to stay that way:

Image Credit: Getty Images/Mikhail Klimentyev/AFP

So, is Vladimir Putin a secret super spy villain? You’ve seen the pictures: decide for yourself.

What do you think?

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