‘It Doesn’t Resonate’: Michigan Democrat Cautions 2020 Dems in Pitching Medicare for All in the State

As some Democratic presidential hopefuls have unveiled their Medicare for All plans, a Democratic county executive in Michigan is warning them that it won’t “resonate” with voters in his state.

In an appearance on “After The Bell” on Fox Business, Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel (D) warned Democrats against supporting a “strong liberal” agenda saying voters in his county are not interested in “hyper-partisan,” candidates.

When asked if he thought Medicare for All would go over well with voters in his county, he said “It doesn’t resonate,” and warned candidates against campaigning on Medicare for All there:

“It doesn’t resonate; it’s not something that they’re looking at. In fact, sometimes, I caution them to want to come here and make that as their pitch. Because most people are comfortable with the healthcare they got, and they’re a little concerned or worried about this.”

Watch his comments below:

Hackel issued another warning saying that he doesn’t think any of the 2020 Democratic hopefuls are generating enough enthusiasm to defeat Trump in the general election, “I don’t see the excitement there for any one of the candidates,” adding, “It’s just not bidding well.”

He said as he travels around the county and speaks with voters, they tell him they want a candidate who will run on a moderate agenda and is not just running against Trump.

“I’m all over this county, and again even the region, and I hear what people are talking about. And right now, the interest isn’t trying to figure who’s going to win the next election. And they’re certainly not going to vote for somebody and just say ‘Well, it’s because we got to get rid of the current president” or Donald Trump. That’s not what people are looking for. They’re looking for somebody they trust, somebody they believe in, somebody who isn’t going to be hyper-partisan. They’re going to try to figure out, how do we get back to the sensible way of, I guess, government — if you will.”

Hackel said voters are comfortable with the economy and will look for a more moderate candidate who connects with the voters.

“Most people, when you walk out the door, and you walk up and down the streets, they’re not really going to talk too much about the policies,” he said. “They’re going to talk about the person as to who really they kind of connect with and they think is going to be the right person.”

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