‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ Hammered for ‘Racist’ Comedy. But What They’re Silent About is Damning

“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” is an over-the-top hit comedy that’s been around since 2005.

The show focuses on five characters, Dennis, Mac, Charlie, Frank, and Dee. The five characters call themselves ‘The Gang’ and own a hole-in-the-wall bar in Philadelphia, where they engage in ridiculous and insane behavior.

To give you an example: In one episode, two of the main characters — Dennis and Mac — pretend that they’re disabled to pick up on women at the mall.

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Such antics don’t even scratch the surface of the type of boundaries the sitcom willingly pushes.

In one of the show’s latest episodes, the show’s characters turn black, as in African American actors take their spot.

After that happens, as can be expected — the show wildly stereotypes African Americans through a series of experiences on what it’s like to be black.

And SJWs (Social Justice Warriors) aren’t happy about it.

In an editorial for Fusion, Slate and NPR writer Charles Pulliam-Moore wrote, in part:

“The Gang, feeling awkward in their newfound blackness, wander the streets of Philadelphia and get into all sorts of trouble. Their misadventures are meant to shed light on the everyday racism black people deal with. Even though The Gang literally still see one another as white people, the world sees them as black and treats them accordingly.

If there’s anything “The Gang Turns Black” proves, it’s that having a single black writer/assistant “in the room” (good job!) didn’t prevent a show about a group of white people from being deeply flawed in its handling of race.”

Actor Glenn Howerton, who plays Dennis, addressed the concerns of people like Pulliam-Moore in an interview with the Guardian.

Howerton said:

“Generally speaking, nothing is going too far unless it doesn’t make us laugh. I remember early on, myself, Rob and Charlie wrote everything. We didn’t start hiring writers until the third season, but by that time we’d had two seasons on the air, and the show had started to accumulate a cult following.”

Howerton also revealed that he did have a black writer in the room at the time they put together the script for the episode that’s now under fire.

But as social justice warriors point out the alleged “racism” in the episode “The Gang Turns Black,” they somehow forget other so called injustices in the show.

Like when:

Charlie wore this Nazi uniform:

Image Credit: Screenshot/YouTube

The time Dennis and Mac dressed up like terrorists to film a propaganda video:

Image Credit: Screenshot/YouTube

Then, there was Frank (Danny DeVito) dressing up as a Native American to play a villain in their thriller movie:

Image Credit: Screenshot/YouTube

Or the time Frank (Dee’s father) has her dress up like a prostitute to try and gain approval from an elected official.

Image Credit: Screenshot/Netflix

Social justice warriors, try again.

What do you think?

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