Ivanka Trump Made Millions Off Her Dad’s DC Hotel While Working in the White House

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When Ivanka Trump was given a role in the White House, there were plenty of people who initially decried the move as blatant nepotism, and while that line of criticism has quieted somewhat, new financial disclosures may serve to put a price tag on her White House role.

The president’s daughter made almost $4 million from the Trump Hotel in Washington, D.C., only blocks from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, in 2018.

The form states Ivanka Trump made $3.95 million, according to the Associated Press. The first daughter also made money off her fashion line and, together with her husband Jared Kushner, she earned around $135 million year.

The Trump International Hotel has been the subject of a series of lawsuits by critics who say that the president is flouting the emoluments clause and profiting off his role as president. It’s a hotbed for lobbyists and Trump insiders hoping to be seen. The president himself sometimes stops by for a meal.

Brian Snyder/Reuters

In early June, the Washington Post revealed an Iraqi sheikh spent dozens of nights in the Trump Hotel at the same time he was trying to convince Trump officials to overthrow the Iranian government. The sheikh admitted he usually stays at the nearby Hay-Adams hotel, an iconic landmark of Washington’s political class.

Lobbyists working on behalf of the Saudi Arabians rented 500 rooms just after Trump was elected. The middle eastern nation has benefited greatly under the Trump White House, from a plush arms deal to Trump declining to blame them for the murder of a Washington Post columnist.

Trump, unlike other presidents, declined to place his assets in a blind trust. Instead, his business interests are in a trust controlled by his family.

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How much (in millions) did Baby Boy Biden make, in essence, off of daddy’s name alone.

Patriot 1
Patriot 1

No More BULL S**T ***** “BLIND TRUSTS”***** That’s what they currently hide behind. This states they Don’t Know what their Investments are, only their Accountants know…. That’s BS!
Open Portfolios for All Senators, Representatives, & any Elected or Appointed Official!
Then when they Jump on a Stock before a vote, We get the same Opportunity! Follow the Money Trail!
Then we’ll see how Officials making $100,000-$220,000 per year end up $$$ Multi-Millionaires $$$ in a few years when they’re suppose to be working for us!


My issue isn’t that they are making more money cashing in on access to Trump, my issue is the actual taxpayer money spent at his locations.

We have paid his salary several times over paying for his stays at his hotel or golf courses.

Also, its again notable because the president said he would be better than your typical politician. He has only joined in on the swamp since taking office.

MariaRose Randazzo

I was going to comment but most of the others raised the right points–especially since no one in the Trump family is getting a salary on taxpayer dollars. Speaking of salaries, I am astonished that Congress is trying to give themselves a 4.5K raise (in taxpayer dollars). As a taxpayer, I vote for them to either get no raise increase period or get a decrease in pay for every year they can’t manage the fiscal budget within the monetary limits they have (in other words within a budget). Maybe when we control their pocket money, they might do their jobs… Read more »

Karin Callaway

Say what you want you jerks. She takes no salary as do none of them in the Trump group. Which means she does not use any Taxpayer money, like congress does.
Plus I saw that Obama left the White House with 40 million $$.


Good for her if true. Hell Bo Biden flew with daddy on airforce2 to China and wrapped up a billion dollar deal for an investment firm and he isn’t even an investor. What a deal.


Trump and his little grifter crime family’s time would be better spent pre-booking a suite at a Federal Pen.


If anyone should be questioned about money earned while in the White House it should be obumma.. He went into the White House with a mere $3 Million and left with over $13 Million making him the ONLY president to leave the White House with MORE $ than when he arrived. Something is very wrong with that and I believe we all know what that is.





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