Ivanka Trump Calls on Dems to Care About Trade Education as Much as They Care About Free 4 Year Degrees

In her role as adviser to the president, Ivanka Trump has been working to address some of the holes in the growing U.S. economy, especially when it comes to education.

Although record low unemployment rates are a good thing, the tight hiring market has emphasized some problems facing the U.S. economy in that there are millions of jobs open but many people are not properly trained to do them.

According to the Mike Rowe Works Foundation, the Bureau of Labors Statistics shows that there are around 7 million jobs open in the U.S. that don’t require a four-year degree.

During an interview on “The Next Revolution” with Steve Hilton, Trump explained how she wants to remove the stigma of not having a four-year degree to help American workers fill these jobs.


“I think culturally, for a long time, we’ve created and perpetuated a narrative that there’s one pathway to achieving the American dream and that’s four-year university. And that’s been instilled into American students and it’s often American parents feel that’s only the only viable path. So, you have kids going into school, racking up enormous amounts of student debt that they’ll often take decades if they’re ever able to pay it off — without a skill.”

Trump explained how she has been working with Congress to provide the same types of Pell Grants for trade and vocational students that are available to four-year degree students. She was also part of the creation of the National Council for the American Worker, a program that aims to revamp worker training nationwide.

“At a federal level, we’re no good at doing the job training,” explained Trump. “That is best done at the states.”

Trump also noted that she wants to see politicians steer away from promises of free four-year degrees because that is not what is best for the American workforce. Several 2020 Democrats have already proposed some form of debt-free college, including Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Kamala Harris (D-Calif.).

Trump told Hilton the mindset that a four-year degree is something Americans need to succeed has to be dispelled.


“Education is not higher education or technical education or trade education, it’s education. It’s education with a goal of the result being an ability to provide for yourself. So having some of these leaders talk about education in different terms.”

Trump is not alone in her efforts to change the dialogue around education. As IJR previously reported, “Dirty Jobs” host Mike Rowe has been championing the issue of getting workers trained without plunging them into debt that often comes with a four-year degree.

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Let us compare my 2 year trade / vocational degree at a total cost of 17K to my cousin’s traditional 4 year degree total cost 84k and where we stand today ( 50 and 53 respectively ).
Though I am medically retired these last 3 years it should be noted that before then I paid off a mortgage, repaid my loans without having to take a deferrememt, helped a younger cousin pay for trade school (he just closed on his second home) and supported a partner while they went through a master’s program.





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